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LocationSmart Sets Its Eyes Out On Canadian Expansion

Connecting devices and sending information across multiple devices is important. In the business realm, businesses need to be able to connect all their devices through the cloud.

They need a cloud computing system that is reliable, trustworthy and is going to safely transmit data. LocationSmart has become the go to provider of a location cloud computing needs for personal, professional and industrial needs. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

LocationSmart is a apart of the LaaS industry. This budding industry covers location as a service business. These businesses specialize in creating software, technology and applications company. There is a growing demand for devices to be connected regardless of location.

LocationSmart is delivering solutions to businesses and people who need connection and need the software to where the location for devices is being solved. LocationSmart has become the largest in the sector. As they grow in demand, revenue and customer base, they see the need to become a borderless company.

The LaaS provider is setting its eyes on Canada. Canada will be the next country they seep into and try to tackle location issues customers are having there. They will offer the same level of service to these customers. They have developed a carrier network that will allow certain processes like short message service to work on their platform. Consent management and geo contextual services will also be available on their platform.

The CEO of this Laas company is optimistic about this expansion into Canada. He knows that his company will be able to fulfill promises to the people of Canada as they have done in the United States. New opportunities are awaiting both the company and subscribers of LocationSmart in Canada. Mobile users of the service will benefit mainly from their initial expansion.

This expansion speaks volumes about their overall plans. Canada may be the next market they monetize but it won’t be the last. To be the biggest and best LaaS provider, they want to be in multiple countries.

The success of LocationSmart is evident in the reviews online, their rapidly growing customer base and the fact that the company is a customer of Forture 500 companies suggest they are dominating a space that is hard to dominate in.

Running a tech company is hard. Their CEO recognizes this and is very pleased to see LocationSmart making a difference in the tech sector and is able to maintain their success in a sector that tends to see startups fail.

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