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Luke Lazarus Helps Fellow Entrepreneurs Reach New Heights

With emerging technological advances and the ease it brings to conducting business, entrepreneurship is on the rise. Although many have obtained success in the field, there are few entrepreneurs that can say that they were truly born for the role.

For a select number of individuals, the instinct of creating a business and following it through to a success is part of their nature. People like Luke Lazarus have been perfecting their entrepreneurial skills throughout their entire life.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Luke Lazarus created his first business when he was just eight years old. Though always interested in business, Lazarus also excelled in the scholastic and athletic arenas as well. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus | F6S

His stupendous grades combined with his achievements in sports made him the perfect candidate for several colleges and universities; several of which offered him scholarships to study both within Australia and abroad. However, Lazarus made the decision to stay in his home town and continue his studies locally, eventually earning an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

The completion of college was just another notch in his belt of success. Luke Lazarus went on to successfully create several businesses after university, all of which he was able to sell for substantial profit. Upon the successfully sale of his fourth business venture, Lazarus found himself at a fork in the road. He could quite happily continue his reign of creating and selling highly coveted companies expanding his vast wealth.

However, Lazarus was content with the financial stability he had created for himself and was looking to give back to his business community. Learning about his passion and zeal for assisting others in their ventures, Luke Lazarus decided to create a consulting business to assist and advise fellow entrepreneurs achieve the same successes he had been able to enjoy.

Although he believes many entrepreneurs are quite talented and intelligent about the fields they are venturing into, Lazarus knows that the best way to reach success is to focus on the creation of a brand message that invokes an emotional response from the consumer.

Lazarus feels that this is where many entrepreneurial leaders are lacking, and uses his skills and experience as a catalyst to guide these new business leaders through their journey.

Although considered one who does not mince words, Lazarus’ brash approach is creating opportunities for start-up companies to reach not only consumers, but potential investors as well.

Luke Lazarus is using his innate ability to obtain success as a method to teach fellow entrepreneurs ways to achieve the same successes. He believes that the key is strong brand messaging opens the doors of long-term success through venture capital investors. Lazarus has been able to cultivate his natural talents into a prosperous triumph for himself as well as his clients.

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