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Luke Lazarus Transforms Struggling Start-ups to IPOs

Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne based business consultant who uses his insights as an expert in building successful partnerships, growth management and creating business plans. Luke Lazarus enables CEOs to have clarity on decision execution, steps to be taken by a brand and offering perspective while giving priority to crucial decisions.

He comprehends the need for business people to have partners who bring clarity and shape the path needed to focus on issues that are of importance at a particular time through identification, defining and offering solutions that address the aspects that are crucial for business success.

Luke Lazarus founded his first company when he was eight and continued to be an entrepreneur to this day. He created more than four businesses after graduating from college, for which he sold out for significant amounts becoming financially independent by the age of 35. He successfully continued as an entrepreneur until he felt that he was no longer interested in money.

Lazarus felt fulfilled in assisting other people to achieve their goals in life and business. So, he committed to using his talents and skills to help entrepreneurs who still struggled and were frustrated with problems for which he had developed effective solutions.

Luke Lazarus therefore, became a consultant who worked in a rigorous and intense style, developing a new approach to startup consulting with an equal focus on analysis, systems, and emotional connection with stakeholders and customers.

Luke Lazarus has successfully managed to transform struggling startups to IPOs. He is known to be straightforward and direct and insists that being realistic is a necessity and not a luxury in the world of business. Lazarus advises new entrepreneurs to strive to acquire knowledge and necessary skills in finance, running roadshows successfully, and brand messaging. Read more: Luke Lazarus on Interview.net and Medium.com.

Some of the essential roles that Lazarus performs when he is working with startups includes messaging the brand in a style that entices venture capitalists and investors, books, and shapes business operations.

Lazarus confirms that what entrepreneurs perceive to be the reality on the ground is hugely different from what venture capital works. Without enough money, business is at risk of failing or remaining stagnant as opposed to growing into successful multinational companies.

Through his experience, Lazarus shapes operations of companies into those that will attract venture capitalists. He crafts business messaging that brings out purpose and connects emotionally with customers and stakeholders. People want to use a product or conduct business that positively impacts lives making the business a force that people engage with for not only the product or paycheck but also for the greater good.

Luke Lazarus acknowledges that most venture capital companies usually know what business idea or startup will work, and which won’t but rarely decide to step in as consultants to solve the problem preventing the success of the startups. Lazarus is satisfied that he is impacting companies’ success chances in the real world.

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