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Maarten de Jeu’s Expert Advice on Venturing in International Business

Thriving in the business world requires skills and experience in managing risks while dealing with threats of a business. One of the most iconic business professionals who have had an impact on his service is Maarten de Jeu. Maarten has accomplished a lot with his vast experience in international business working with global companies. Maarten de Jeu holds various qualifications such as the Master’s degree in Public Administration and the Executive Masters in Business Administration. His commitment to the studies enabled him to emerge as one of the best in the business class.


Maarten de Jeu’s Work History


Maarten de Jeu secured his first job as an analyst at TDVK Management Consultants. His duties and responsibilities involved researching and providing business insights to clients and guiding them to make informed decisions. His attention to detail and creativity enabled him to thrive in his roles. He was able to work with reputable clients such as Heinz, Sara Lee, and ING. He honed his skills and got exposed to the international business operations that were significant in the growth of his career.


Maarten joined Aviva Plc in his bid in finding more challenging work where he was recruited to spearhead the operations of the insurance firm. His interpersonal and management skills enabled him to serve in various leadership positions within the company.


Maarten de Jeu has traveled in various parts of the world and gained extensive international experience. He is responsible for the formation of two startups that are transforming the lives of many people, which include SpeakUp and SVM Business Advisory. SpeakUp Company helps the public limited companies in complying with ethical standards. Maarten is actively involved in running the affairs of SVM Business Advisory. Through SVM Business Advisory Company, Maarten de Jeu provides strategic business advice to investors and other clients so that they can excel in various ventures. Maarten de Jeu’s company specializes in multiple sectors such as real estate, finance industry, and international business operations. Learn more: http://www.chicagosplash.com/galleries/102118-msi-columbian-ball/liz-and-kent-dauten-smita-shah-maarten-de-jeu_john-wheeler-museum-of-science-and-industry-chicago


Maarten shares his expertise in international business by stating that investors that want to expand their businesses on a global scale should consider the following factors.


Financial Matters


Maarten says that expanding business operations beyond your country’s boundaries requires financial planning to achieve the objectives. He says that entrepreneurs should evaluate the costs involved in meeting various requirements, including the hiring of staff and regulation before making a move.


Language and culture


Maarten de Jeu states that culture and language will influence how your business will perform in the international market. He advises the entrepreneurs to invest time and resources in knowing the language of their new market and culture to prevent cultural interference, which may damage the reputation of the business.


Demand for the goods


Maarten also advises entrepreneurs to research about the customers’ need for their products in the international market. Some of the considerations include; competitive pricing strategy and competitive products.


Other factors to consider are the laws and regulations in the international market and tax compliance issues.

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