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Mark Holyoake And Oakvest Holdings

There is one person who has a long history of commercial and residential real estate investing that you should know about. His name is Mark Holyoake and he is a seasoned expert in investing in things like this. He has focused his energies in particular in the food and commodity sectors over the years.

Oakvest Holdings made a big splash in the investing world when they purchased one of the oldest and most storied seafood firms in the entire country of Iceland. This was an important move as it helped to raise the profile of Oakvest Holdings in terms of what it does.

It was a critical moment in Iceland’s history when Oakvest Holdings decided that they were going to invest. The entire country was literally on the verge of bankruptcy as the economic collapse of the United States and many other countries all around the world. It was a period of time when most investors were running scared, but Oakvest decided that it would be a great time to purchase some distressed companies like this.

For his part, Mark Holyoake has always been the kind of person to focus on routine and scheduling for himself. He keeps to a strict routine so that he can always remain on his “A-game” so to speak. He never wants to lose focus because he knows that the biggest opportunities in real estate investing come to those who are paying attention. He did this when he made the investment in the Iceland seafood company and he continues to seek out great opportunities all throughout the world wherever they may be.

About Mark Holyoake: medium.com/@markholyoake