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Matt Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is a powerhouse in the oil and gas production sector. The company, whose CEO is Matt Fleeger, was started in the year 1970. From having one base of operation in Dallas, the company has expanded to have five more locations, including in Louisiana and Oklahoma. Matt Fleeger has done a lot for the company as its CEO and President. He has vast experience as an entrepreneur and has crucial business skills that have helped him excel in the competitive world of business. Some of these skills include contract negotiation, team building, and strategic planning. Matt Fleeger is a graduate of the Southern Methodist University. He studied in the School of Business and attained a Business Administration degree. Matt Fleeger’s career is diversified since he has worked under various industries. Matt was part of the waste management industry for almost 13 years before moving to the tanning industry. Finally, Matt Fleeger has landed in the oil and gas industry, where he puts his marketing and finance skills to use.

Gulf Coast Western has become the successful company that it is due to its numerous partnerships. Building a relationship with various companies has helped the company to earn the trust of many people in the industries. Most of the partnerships have assisted Gulf Coast Western to dominate oil-producing areas such as Louisiana. One such collaboration is the partnership with Northcote Energy Ltd. Through the company, Gulf Coast Western purchased 50 % assets and working interests in Southwestern Louisiana, especially the Shoats Creek Field. The field is a leading producer of oil-producing above 4 million oil barrels. The partnership with Orbit Energy Partners is yet another partnership that has led to the growth of Gulf Coast Western in Louisiana. By partnering with Orbit Energy Partners, the company has access to numerous oil-producing wells and drilling locations. Gulf Coast Western is a successful company, and under the leadership of Matt Fleeger, it is bound for great heights.