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McDonalds Meat Supplier-OSI Group Teams with Impossible Foods

Anticipation is on the faces of the couple sitting in the corner. These are the newly conscious people of today-people who care about their health and the health of the planet. Embarking on this new adventure, they take their first bite of the Impossible Burger. They’re not disappointed as they savor the same great flavor, same consistency, and the same juiciness as real meat.

Born in a lab in California, the Impossible Burger joins the ranks of the mountain of foods now offered for the growing demand for non-meat choices. Joining ranks with OSI Group-supermarket to the world, California startup-Impossible Foods is now ready to ramp up production to serve the overwhelming emergence of new consumers searching for vegetarian fare.

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With the opening of 59 Burger King restaurants in St. Louis, MO, each offering the Impossible Whopper, Impossible foods found itself with a supply-demand problem. The company had not anticipated the overwhelming consumer demand for its plant-based product. Joining with OSI Group which had been supplying McDonalds with meat products for the past 60 years, seemed like the obvious answer to their dilemma-the company had many years of proven expertise in production and distribution. A partnership between Impossible Foods and McDonalds is in the offing for a future date.

Having proved that plant-based meat can mimic the real thing very well, the company has seen demands by consumers for the same delicious fare to be offered in retail stores. Receiving a letter from the Food and Drug Administration recently has helped the company bring this desire a step closer to reality. The key ingredient for the meatless product, leghemoglobin-which is derived for soy root, is stated to be generally recongnized as safe. With this ruling by the FDA, there seems to be no stopping now for Impossible Foods and the OSI Group.

The future shows meatless choices expanding the menus of well-known restaurants everywhere. There are already 10,000 restaurants on two continents offering the plant-based meat. There has been significant growth in sales from large chains that Impossible Foods already does business with, and there are plans to offer consumers this choice in Dog Haus and California-based Wings $ Grill. To Learn More, visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-mcdonald-7