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McDonald’s will Purchase Its New Meat-Free Burger from OSI Group

The beef burger at McDonald’s is as popular today as it was when the chain opened its first restaurant in Chicago in the 1950s. However, there is a growing concern from some health conscious consumers that estin too much meat is not a healthy practice. Many food chains and restaurants, including this giant hamburger chain, are listening very closely to their customers’ concerns.

McDonalds took up this matter with its primary food distributor, OSI Group, one of the major food producers in the United States. The organization has promptly responded in kind to its largest client. OSI has reported its initiative to supply McDonald’s with a meatless burger. The company has partnered with the California firm of Impossible Foods, a producer of non-meat burgers. Impossible Foods manufacturers a food product that is soy based and does not use any meat in the production process. OSI Group is preparing to co-produce the Impossible Burger and will add the burger patty to its existing line of products.

OSI Group is based in Aurora, IL. The company was established in nearby Chicago in 1909. For the first 60 years, the company was a family owned and operated meat store. The sons of the founder continued to offer the high quality of meat that their father produced for the families in Chicago for decades. Ray Kroc, the owner of McDonalds, was impressed with the quality of their beef, and that led to OSI’s long-term relationship with the fast food restaurant chain. The company now serves many of the leaders in the food service industry. In addition to all varieties of meat, the organization produces fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy and bakery items, snacks, condiments, and more.

OSI Group is a global innovator of food production and solutions. The company has over 67 food processing facilities. OSI Group has expanded into 17 countries spanning across Europe and Asia.