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Mike Heiligenstein: Keeping Texas Moving

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, a company dedicated to implementing forward thinking transportation solutions. The city of Austin, Texas is ranked the thirteenth most traffic congested city in the United States and it’s estimated that it will only get worse. Mike Heiligenstein believes that there needs to be not just one solution to solve Austin’s transportation problems, but a plethora of resolutions for the long term. Mobility Authority’s addition of toll roads in the Austin area have allowed for three times the amount of traffic and have unburdened toll-free roads. His vision is to complete additional toll roads thereby giving commuters a choice of routes and to ensure the ability to manage traffic flows.


By using smart technologies and apps, the future of Austin’s congestion issues could be alleviated by car to road communications and to give drivers access to real time road condition data. Mike Heiligenstein also promotes ride sharing by partnering with the carpooling app Carma and developing plans for more bike and pedestrian friendly pathways. In response to stop and go traffic resulting from cars breaking down in traffic, Mobility Authority in conjunction with the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization have created the free roadside assistance program called the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO).


Mike Heiligenstein has a passion for public service. As the first Executive Director of the Mobility Authority to which he was appointed in 2003, his background as a public official for Central Texas has allowed him to lead with determination and quality of service to his fellow Texans. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, created in 2002, is an independent government agency. It was formed under the allowance of the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370 for the improvement of mobility infrastructures. Under the steady guidance of Mike Heiligenstein the Mobility Authority has installed electronic tolling, completed major road extension projects and is overseeing a one-billion-dollar toll road extension.


Mike Heiligenstein received his degree in Government from the University of Texas, where he completed both his undergraduate and graduate degree. His early career includes serving as a City Councilman for the City of Round Rock and as the County Commissioner for Williamson County. He is currently an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council. Mike Heiligenstein is a frequent lecturer across the country, sharing his expertise in transportation management and problem resolutions.


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