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New American Addiction Centers Docuseries Revealed

American Addiction Centers, or AAC, are one of America’s best and biggest providers of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. AAC has locations across the United States and they offer inpatient and outpatient care.

This means that some patients stay at the facilities for days, weeks, or months at a time – whereas other patients visit for programs daily or weekly. This variation in treatment methods allows the AAC to provide treatment that works best for patients that are in different places in regards to their treatments.

They treat drug addiction, alcoholism, as well as the mental health and behavioral health issues that occur from various addictions. American Addiction Centers are focused on not criminalising addictions, rather, they try to provide effective treatment that rehabilitates people. Their clinical approach has proven effective in thousands of cases, as has a proven track record.

In more recent news, they are releasing a new docuseries (series of documentaries) called ‘Far From Finished.’ This series of short documentaries follows individuals as they work through their addictions as well as through the behaviors that caused those addictions. These shows will illustrate to American viewers the harsh and scary realities of addictions, but while also providing glimpses of hope.

This show is actually a video version of the American Addition Center’s podcast that shares the same name. This podcast was surprisingly successful, with over 150,000 downloads on iTunes and listeners from over 60 countries.

Higher management at American Addiction Centers agreed that while these stories were powerful over just audio, a visual retelling of these stories would provide a new and different experience.

In the words of Stephen Ebbett, the chief digital marketing officer of American Addiction Centers, “We hope our docuseries will open hearts and minds by exposing people to the realities of addiction and recovery. These stories are a testament that people recover from this disease and can rebuild their lives, proving that their journey is far from finished.”

The first episode of ‘Far From Finished’ was released on February 4th, 2019. This first episode and all of the subsequent ones will be available on the American Addiction Center’s official website, as well as all of their official social media accounts. The first episode tracks the story of Dominic Grefsrud, who started abusing illicit substances at the tender age of 14. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

By he reached 18, he was fully addicted to meth as well as other substances. In order to support his habit, he routinely had to turn to illegal and unscrupulous activities.

After reaching the absolute lowest point of addiction, with innumerable costs, he went to the American Addiction Center in Las Vegas. He has been sober for four years now, proving that a hopeful outcome is possible.

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