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OSI Group Innovations

OSI Group is a global supply company that deals with value-added food services. It is the leading meat and food company in the world with retail food supply services. It is also among the largest privately owned companies in the United States that offered unparallel services to its customers. OSI Group offers extensive services to its customers such as food product development and global supply chain from sourcing, processing and manufacturing. The services, therefore, allow the company to deliver quality services to the customers and maximizing their business opportunity. OSI group has opened more than 65 facilities and has employed more than 20, 000 employees in 17 countries and focus their efforts in making and delivering quality food products to ensure they stay positive for the future growth and respond with consistency.

The company, therefore, ensures that customers are their priority and they achieve that by valuing their experience and feedback all across the world. The company has a strong foundation of offering quality food services since it was established as a family meat dean and later grew as an international company. However, the dedication towards customers has always remained steadfast. As a result, the company has remained as the leading food brands in the food sector. Its customers trust the company due to its quality food services and the development of their exact needs and solutions based on value, quality and streamlining the process and affordable costs.

The Growth of OSI Group has extended to the United States due to its partnership with nation Pizza that was established in 1994. The company also opened a new food plant in 1986 that concentrated on the production of sausages and hotdogs and played a strong representation of the company due to the quality services. Finally, the OSI group has established a long history that shows the success it has gained up to date. The story features superior clients about technology and innovation that gave it recognition and growth opportunities to grow from a small butcher shop to an international food provider. All the achievements have been realized due to dedicated management, starting from the company president David McDonald and other board members who saw the company grow.