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McDonald’s will Purchase Its New Meat-Free Burger from OSI Group

The beef burger at McDonald’s is as popular today as it was when the chain opened its first restaurant in Chicago in the 1950s. However, there is a growing concern from some health conscious consumers that estin too much meat is not a healthy practice. Many food chains and restaurants, including this giant hamburger chain, are listening very closely to their customers’ concerns.

McDonalds took up this matter with its primary food distributor, OSI Group, one of the major food producers in the United States. The organization has promptly responded in kind to its largest client. OSI has reported its initiative to supply McDonald’s with a meatless burger. The company has partnered with the California firm of Impossible Foods, a producer of non-meat burgers. Impossible Foods manufacturers a food product that is soy based and does not use any meat in the production process. OSI Group is preparing to co-produce the Impossible Burger and will add the burger patty to its existing line of products.

OSI Group is based in Aurora, IL. The company was established in nearby Chicago in 1909. For the first 60 years, the company was a family owned and operated meat store. The sons of the founder continued to offer the high quality of meat that their father produced for the families in Chicago for decades. Ray Kroc, the owner of McDonalds, was impressed with the quality of their beef, and that led to OSI’s long-term relationship with the fast food restaurant chain. The company now serves many of the leaders in the food service industry. In addition to all varieties of meat, the organization produces fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy and bakery items, snacks, condiments, and more.

OSI Group is a global innovator of food production and solutions. The company has over 67 food processing facilities. OSI Group has expanded into 17 countries spanning across Europe and Asia.


Four Ways to Enjoy the Healing Properties of Kushy Punch’s Award-Winning CBD

When it comes to CBD products, that is, cannabis products that offer the healing benefits of CBD without the high-inducing properties of the THC cannabinoid, California-based brand Kushy Punch is leading the way in offering new, convenient and discrete ways to get a safe and reliable dose. Named “Best CBD” at Ojai, California’s 2018 WeedCon, Kushy Punch’s line of CBD products offer consistently high-quality and lab-tested products which provide consumers with a safe way to take charge of their own personal health and wellness. Here are the different options Kushy Punch offers for ingesting the healing properties of CBD.


Along with a range of traditional and high-potent THC gummies, KushyPunch’s talented chefs have created a delicious peach-flavored gummy made with all-organic materials and without any artificial sweeteners. With a dose of 100mg CBD per gummy, these tasty treats are gluten-free, dairy-free and fat-free and suitable for everyone.


Tinctures are a convenient and discreet way to ingest CBD and provide quick relief. These tinctures are some of Kushy Punch’s most popular products, and with good reason. You can add a few drops to any meal or beverage, or simply squeeze a dose onto your tongue.


If you need an exact dosage, Kushy Punch’s capsules are a great solution, with 30mg of CBD in each dose. These offer the convenience of tinctures and edibles without inducing nausea in patients who struggle with maintaining an appetite.


For those who prefer the fast-acting properties of vaping, Kushy Punch offers one of the few full-spectrum and pesticide-free all-CBD oils on the market. Packed into a discreet and disposable pen-style battery, this is a great option filled with natural terpenes and healing cannabinoids. Individual cartridges are also available in 1000mg sizes.

Privinvest – Accumulating Assets

Privinvest – Accumulating Assets

Asset protection and distribution prevents a company from losing out on their bottom line. To create instances of improvement, companies are continuing to spread their wealth to different market formats. Expansion leads to a steady stream of revenue stints. One company that knows a thing or two about expansion is Privinvest. The private shipbuilding brand has worked to expand its outreach efforts to 40 different countries. With this level of high expansion, the company has been able to craft its affiliate programming with different attributes. Each affiliate branch works to supply a different area of business, controlling the vessel market in that region. Privinvest works primarily with shipbuilding for freight travel. Their vessels have been instrumental tools in establishing trade ways for clients all over the globe. By expanding the travel rights of goods, Privinvest has been able to service over 100 different international clients.

The total assets extending from the brand accounts for 2,000 of the vessels taking to waterways. The company has built these ships in their harbor development centers, ensuring that the framework is modeled to the liking of the business or investor. Applying a servicing need to the different military components spread across the world has also helped these governing bodies fill-in the pieces needed for fleet completion. The servicing of the private sector helps to establish a rapport with powerful individuals. By servicing all of these different channels, it is easy to see how Privinvest could become nationally recognized. Their systems look to expand into the field of surveillance and marketing the protective version of assets in their latest projections. With these expansion plans set in place, the company can look to create new areas of opportunity for their brand to travel to. This company will go down as one of the most successful innovators to be added to public and private sectors.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jejurikar Explains the Brazilian Butt Lift

On September 20th, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar wrote an article explaining how to perform a Brazilian butt lift. He listed several factors that must be taken into account to ensure the right technique is employed. Some of these factors are:

  • Elasticity and quality of skin
  • Determining if extra skin is available
  • Making sure enough fat is present in the body to conduct the surgery.
  • Activity levels and goals

Then he details the steps he takes when performing the surgery. The steps are:

  • Step 1 – Marking the area of the fat transfer. In this step, he identifies where the fat will be harvested. The doctor also marks where he plans to inject the fat into the buttocks.
  • Step 2 – Determining which type of anesthesia will be used. He uses either general anesthesia, placing the patient unconscious during procedure, or local anesthesia, patient remains awake but feels no pain.
  • Step 3 – Preparation. Dr. Jejurikar prepares the fat harvesting site and the buttocks for the procedure.
  • Step 4 – Making incision. Once anesthesia takes effect, incisions are made in both the buttocks and fat harvesting area.
  • Step 5 – Harvest fat. Using an infiltration cannula and a liposuction cannula, fat is harvested into a container.
  • Step 6 – Injecting fat into buttocks.
  • Step 7 – Closing incisions
  • Recovery – This step could take several weeks to complete.

Dr. Jejurikar continually stresses one point throughout the article. You must choose a board-certified surgeon who has specialized training in the procedure. Failure to comply could lead to serious consequences and potentially death. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a highly respected board-certified plastic surgeon located in Dallas, TX. He is a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and is consistently named as one of the best doctor in Dallas. His specialties are breast and body contouring surgery. Dr. Jejurikar also performs a high volume of buttock enhancement procedures. Dr. Jejurikar is one of the few plastic surgeons who has formal training in aesthetic surgery. He obtained this training while completing a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. The doctor is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Read full article : https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-sameer-jejurikar

Jeffrey Stevenson, VSS Partner, Discusses Evolution of PE Landscape

Jeffrey Stevenson, Managing Partner at VeronisSuhler Stevenson (VSS), shared his vision on the private equity industry with Privcap founder David Snow in July 2011. While this interview happened almost a decade ago, it’s interesting to note what, if anything, about Stevenson’s views regarding the PE landscape in New York have changed since the economy’s rebound from the 2008 economic crash. The primary focus at VSS is on media, so naturally a significant amount of the interview between the two industry professionals focused on media industry outlooks and predictions.

Stevenson Bearish About Future of Media

As reported in the Argyle Journal, Snow asked Jeffrey Stevenson whether Stevenson was bearish or bullish regarding the future of media companies. Stevenson states that it really depends on how you define media. If you look only at the traditional media outlets like print, then Stevenson was bearish back in 2011. On the other hand, if you define media as data-driven educational information and marketing, then Jeffrey Stevenson was definitely bullish regarding the media industry’s future.

PE Firm Executive Succession Plans

Based out of New York since graduating from Rutgers in the early 1980’s, Jeffrey Stevenson has been a partner at the media-focused VeronisSuhler Stevenson for almost 40 years. VSS is a handful of firms who have put together a specific and detailed succession plan. More and more investors are asking questions and wanting assurances that the PE firm executives have the proper incentives in place to ensure they’re going to do the work needed over the five-year and ten-year term of the investment.

Changing PE Investors

Additionally, Snow asked Stevenson to characterize the changing nature of private equity investors. Stevenson points out the emergence of Asian investors as newly emerging members of the asset class. While European and American investors have been major players in private equity for oftentimes decades, Asian investors are still relatively newcomers, Stevenson reports.

According to Jeffrey Stevenson, many of the more mature PE investors who are American and European are often facing the challenge of hitting their allocation percentages. At the time of this 2011, interview, Stevenson predicted that VeronisSuhler Stevenson would be spending more time in and around Asia, taking meetings with potential investors.

Read More: www.vss.com/team-list/

Toyo Setal – A Giant Industry in Brazil

Toyo Setal is a famous industry in Brazil with many operations in different sectors. It’s a great company in the areas of engineering, construction, and supplies. It was established in 2012 after the merger of SOG Oil and Gas and Toyo Engineering Corporation. The firm has accomplished a good number of major industrial projects in Brazil. Toyo Setal mainly focuses on developing sophisticated and exclusive engineering projects. So far, they have managed to complete several large-scale contribution projects. It’s excellent in construction, engineering, procurement, and commissioning. Toyo has also diversified in many projects such as steel, mining, chemical, petrochemical, and Oil and Gas.

The primary objective of the company is to customize its services and sort them out based on the unique requirements of every customer. It aims at making each of their project productive, profitable, safe, and sustainable. The company is lauded for utilizing the latest technological advancements in their projects and setting reasonable deadlines. It also ensures that all deadlines are met. TSE has an excellent reputation for offering customers the best services. This trend has earned it a couple of major industrial Customers across Brazil. The Secret behind Toyo Setal’s success and its growth as a Brazilian industrial giant is its focus in employing the top technological discoveries in all its projects, together with its tremendous industrial experiences.

First, the company evaluates the viability of a project and curates an estimate of the total cost. It then develops comprehensive plans and carries out tests before proceeding with the project. Toyo also ensures that it completes all projects within the set deadline. The company consistently invests in the latest technological advancements, including next-generation software, to ensure that customers maximally benefits on the investments. Toyo Setal has gained global recognition for its success. It has won several major projects by the Brazilian Government. The company is renowned for its credibility as it completes projects within a reasonable deadline. Toyo track record has earned great name due to the excellent reputation of being the most competent and reliable Brazilian company, primarily in the construction industry. It is involved in the construction of the Rio de Janeiro Complex.

The North Face And Steve Lesnard Introduce Revolutionary Waterproof Clothing

While getting wet while running isn’t fun, wearing waterproof clothing while doing so is even worse. You stay dry but feel like you’re boiling in a sauna. Professional athletes dislike this clothing even more than amateur athletes do. The North Face and Steve Lesnard have provided the first real solution to this problem. For the past several years, The North Face research & development market has been working on a new waterproof fabric. The goal was to create one that keeps moisture out while also being breathable, keeping a person comfortable no matter how hard they are exerting themselves. This fabric is called FUTURELIGHT.

Vice President of Marketing Steve Lesnard created a marketing campaign to introduce it to consumers. He puts this fabric and the outerwear made from it front and center in the campaign. He is taking a multi-level approach that answers the question of how this fabric fits into people’s lives. After soliciting feedback from consumers, he learned that people want to spend more time outdoors. The problem is they don’t know how to do so. To address this, he created a collection of resources people can use to become educated about being outdoors.

This includes everything from where to go to how you pitch a tent. To craft The North Face marketing campaign, he started with a big idea and then applied it to the platforms that most resonate with people who want to be outdoors. All of the platforms deliver the same single message to consumers. He came up with the slogan, “Defy the past, wear the future” for Futurelight, which is communicated on all of the platforms. Steve Lesnard has over 20 years of experience as a sports industry executive. Prior to joining The North Face, he was an executive at a $5.3 billion company.

Sudhir Choudhrie

Sudhir Choudhrie is an Indian born entrepreneur who is now living in London with his wife and two children. He began his journey in India and he graduated from the University of Delhi. He later founded Magnum Internation Trading Company in 1975 and it had been a good start of his career. The company managed to establish good working relationships with many importers living in the foreign. Working for the development of Magnum International Trading Company, he developed skills that helped him later in his career.

Sudhir Choudhrie invested wisely in business and almost all his investments were successful. He formed a partnership with the Taj Resorts in the year 1995 and they together launched the Taj Kerala and four other local resorts. In the same year, he also made an alliance with Adidas AG and formed Adidas Trading Company. Adidas was introduced first to the people of India through his company and he opened more than 180 stores all over India for the selling and distribution of the products. His investment in Air Deccan which was the first budget airline in India was also a very successful one. The company started with only one plane in some years carried over 7 million passengers daily. The number of flights per day in the airlines is about 200.

Sudhir Choudhrie started living in London in his later life and he worked in C & C Alpha group which had many subsidiaries. He used his experience to acquire new clients for the company that benefited the company a lot. He played a very important role in developing aviation, banking, financial, health care, and many other sectors of the company.

Sudhir Choudhrie is also a philanthropist and also an expert writer. He is involved in various charitable works either directly or indirectly. He made donations to many organizations that works constantly for the development of the underprivileged people. He also writes actively in many blogging sites. His books got published in Amazon and many people like his books. He also writes about politics in his blogs and he shared his opinion through his blogs.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Frommyheartthebook

Alexis Kennedy Share His Biggest Challenge As An Indie Game Developer

Alexis Kennedy is an entrepreneur in the video game industry. He co-founded an independent studio in London, England, with Lottie Bevan in 2016. This is Weather Factory. They released their first game, Cultist Simulator, in 2018 and it garnered critical acclaim for its story and writing. The PC version can be downloaded on Steam, The Humble Store, GOG, and itch.io. The mobile version is available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

They used a Kickstarter campaign to fund Cultist Simulator. Alexis Kennedy said they raised £82,000 ($104,283) for this card-based simulation game. Their goal was £30,000 ($38,152) so the Kickstarter campaign was deemed a great success.

His last company was Failbetter Games, another independent studio he established. His video games at this company include Sunless Sea, Dragon Age Joplin, Fallen London, Stellaris Horizon Signal, Machine Cares!, Dragon Age: The Last Court, Night Circus, StoryNexus, Black Crown, and more. Alexander Kennedy is a sought-after speaker who has appeared at universities and conferences around the world. He speaks about narrative design and interactive writing.

He got his start as an independent game designer after working as a software consultant. He was on a six-month unpaid sabbatical from his job so he could change jobs. His first child was on the way and he saw his opportunity of getting out of the consulting business as closing. He didn’t make any money for a year but it worked out for him. He recommends that people don’t take this chance as he did.

Alexis Kennedy says his biggest challenge as an indie is getting attention from consumers. Both getting it and keeping attention is very hard work. His company makes weird distinctive games so it’s hard to break down what they are in just one sentence. Weather Factory has been able to create a following, though, which has made things easier.

Catch The New Wave Of Air Travel With Sergey Petrossov


In his short 31 years, Sergey Petrossov has accomplished more than most people have done in their entire lives. His drive and perseverance have paid off big time in the private jet industry. His company continues to be one of the only app-centric, private jet companies in the world.

By today’s standards, the idea seems extremely simple. We Uber to everywhere: school, work, play – why not use the technology of Uber in the private jet industry?

That is exactly what Sergey Petrossov has done. If you are a JetSmarter member you can actually go onto your phone, pull up your JetSmarter app, and book private jet travel all over the world.

Many don’t have the vision and tech expertise of this brilliant young man. Instead of complaining, Sergey Petrossov did something about it! He took his first commercial flight on a private jet at the urging of a friend. He was astounded that the industry used analog management systems as opposed to digital management. He thought that innovation would improve his experience and the experience of others. Though he was running a text start up that he had begun, he always knew he’d have a hand in the private jet industry.

Houston, There Is Another Problem 

He also learned that the antiquated system lent itself to underutilization of hours. These massive luxury jets were being under used by almost 85 to 80%. He wanted to tap into the underutilized flight hours while making private jet travel available to the masses.


He targeted two types of folks:  The first customer was the private jet flyer who was very familiar with the process and wanted to get more bang for their buck. The other customer, was the first-class commercial jet traveler who wanted to try a new luxurious experience. He felt that his product would be so outstanding that he would gather millions of members. He is on his way. Both types of customers relish the JetSmarter experience.