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Caring For Your Hair

Taking care of your hair can mean the difference between split ends and breakage and healthy locks. Your diet can impact the health of your hair. If you don’t eat foods that have essential vitamins and minerals, then your hair can get weak, break, or easily fall out. Try to eat foods that have high levels of iron and protein for healthy hair.

Examine the type of hair that you have as this will usually determine how often you should shampoo and condition. Wiktionary also recommends to avoid using water that’s too hot to wash your hair as it can make your hair dry. Oily hair can usually be washed more often during the week than hair that’s dry. Make sure your hair is completely rinsed from your scalp to the tips to ensure that all of the shampoo and conditioner are removed.

Wen by Chaz is a hair care line that was started by Chaz Dean. The shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products are natural and healthy for all hair types. Many WEN products feature refreshing scents that include apple and vanilla.

Chaz Dean is an LA stylist who often works with celebrities to give them the hair that they desire. He wants his customers to enjoy their hair and use products that offer life and beauty. The Amazon best-selling hair care line doesn’t include a shampoo but does include a cleansing conditioner as this is seen as a healthier option by Chaz Dean. Follow Wen on Twitter.


Guilherme Paulus Knows How to Make Travel Better

When Guilherme Paulus started his travel and tourism company in Brazil, he knew there were options he could use that would make the company better than any other company in the country. He also knew there was a chance he could make people traveling to Brazil see the way the company would keep getting better. Since he kept up with trends and tried giving people positive experiences while they were in Brazil, he knew he made great choices for the company. Based on his work in the hospitality industry and the technology industry, Guilherme Paulus, had a lot of experience helping customers get what they want. This translated into his travel company and more people had a chance to try different things thanks to the hard work he put into the business. It was his goal to always give people the chance to experience more while they were in Brazil.

The tourism industry wasn’t always great in Brazil. In fact, it struggled for a long time. While Guilherme Paulus knows his company isn’t the only reason it improved, he felt he had a lot to do with the huge improvements to the travel industry. The work he did helped make it better and helped make people see the right way to change the travel industry. Companies grew and more people could take advantage of all the options they had while they were in Brazil. It was his job to always show people they could make things easier on their own and that’s why they always knew they were getting things better than others did in the past. To know more about him click here.

Focusing on changes can make a difference for a company and Guilherme Paulus knew that was something he’d be responsible for. It was also a way for him to show people they could make things easier on their own. After Guilherme Paulus made the right decision to bring change to the company, he could try different things. He also had a lot of hope for making people see what would happen with the company. Tourism got better in Brazil and more people saw the way it was improving.

Facebook: https://pt-br.facebook.com/guilhermejesuspaulus/

Rebel Wilson And Her Interesting Career

Rebel Wilson’s newest movie is “Isn’t It Romantic.” In this film, she is a young architect who lives in New York. She would love to be in the middle of designing skyscrapers. However, instead, she is given menial jobs and is working hard for better positions. One day, she gets mugged and goes unconscious. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:: https://www.thelist.com/41472/stunning-transformation-rebel-wilson/

While unconscious, she goes into an alternate universe where she is in a romantic comedy that she does not want to be in. Some of the other actors in her movie include Liam Hemsworth (the man who is marrying Miley Cyrus), Priyanka Chopra, Tom Ellis and Eugenia Kuzmina. The director of the movie is Todd Strauss-Schulson. The movie is going to be released in February 2019. The company that is releasing it is Warner Bros. Pictures.

Rebel Wilson hails from the great country of Australia. She has been morbidly obese all of her life—a condition that has actually fit in well with her acting career. Rebel Wilson never intended on leveraging her fatness in her acting career. In fact, she actually started off doing dramatic roles. However, upon realizing that people laughed at her in such roles because of her fatness, she used her condition to her advantage and pursued comedic roles.

Eventually, she settled in America to pursue her career and to further build herself up. The thing about Rebel Wilson is that she has always been a shy individual. However, acting has really allowed her to come out of her shell and to express herself. Her acting talents and the enjoyment that she gets from it has turned into a lucrative career.

Rebel Wilson is currently living life as a single lady—something that she does not regret. In our society, people—especially women—are pressured to “get married” and to “have kids.” However, she knows that doing these things does not automatically lead to happiness.

Many of her friends back in Australia have gotten married and/or are in relationships, though some of them are very unhappy. Rebel Wilson is not ruling out relationships, but she is happy and going with the flow of life.

Rebel Wilson is grateful to the fact that she lives in a time when women are finally given good comedic roles in movies. Not too long ago, women used to be only the uninteresting love interests of males who were main characters. However, the industry that she works in still male dominated, and she is sometimes relegated to roles where she has to work harder among male actors who have an easier time.

However, sometimes she gets casted for female-driven projects, which are her dream jobs. Something else that is also interesting about Rebel Wilson is that she has a law degree. This is very inspiring to those who are pursuing things other than acting but really love acting. Her law degree came in handy because it help her to negotiate contracts earlier on in her career. She didn’t have to go through any sort of third party, like a lawyer. Her knowledge allowed her to be self sufficient.

The Growth of Ryan Seacrest Entertainment Platforms

It is easy to see how Ryan Seacrest has become so popular in recent years. He has taken it upon himself to build a strong empire with a number of different possibilities when it comes to different shows. Ryan knows a lot about the music business because he has connected with stars through shows like American Idol and on the air with Ryan Seacrest. This is not his only tallent, however, because he has also managed to help people in the reality sector as well.

With 15 years of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in the producer’s seat Ryan Seacrest has shown people that he has a multitude of talents. He knows how to create an exciting conceptual show, and he also realizes how to work with individuals that are interested in the pursuit Of music careers. He has also been able to connect with a lot of younger people that are interested in these aspects of his entertainment platform.

At the other end of the entertainment spectrum Ryan is also able to connect with an older audience that maybe much more interested in keeping a connection to morning talk show environment. He has shown himself to be a strong leader that has been able to essentially create different types of ideals for a lot of people that have been interested in morning talk show environments.

More people are looking this growing presence that Seacrest has in the television world because he appears on Live with Kelly and Regis daily. He has opened himself up to a number of different opportunities.When more older people are seeing him on morning television that gives him the ability to connect and build a brand. He even gets the chance to promote his own distinction clothing line and become something of a household name through all of his network channels.

Ryan Seacrest also has a foundation where he utilizes his talents to help children. This is yet another part of his strong work ethic. It is further proof that he is passionate about more than just his career. He also wants to give back.

The Life And Career Of Second World War Writer Alastair Borthwick

Born and raised in Troon, Scotland, Alastair Borthwick is eulogized as one of the country’s best writer and broadcaster. He is particularly famous for his novel ‘Always a Little Further’ published in 1939 and numerous other pieces and books he wrote during the second world war. Before the war, most of his articles and books focused on mountaineering and hill climbing before switching perspective and writing about the war from an infantryman and captain’s point of view at the advent of the war.

How did he get into writing?

Alastair Borthwick’s career started taking shape soon after graduating high school, aged 16 when he joined the city’s Evening Times as a copytaker. He would join the budding Glasgow Weekly Herald soon after. The fact the paper was still on its developmental stages meant that he didn’t have defined roles here, at one time he would be editing Children and women content, compiling the crossword or addressing customer queries.

He soon landed a page where he addressed such hobbies as mountaineering and hill climbing across the country. According to Borthwick, mountaineering was popular among his countrymen given its inexpensive nature and the high levels of unemployment in the country. His success with the page would unlock career doors for the writer.

Moving to London and working with BBC

In 1935, Alastair Borthwick moved to London and secured a position with the Daily Mirror. He was however almost always on the lookout for new opportunities and this landed him a talk show with BBC Radio, marking the start of his broadcasting career. His producer at the corporation described him as an incredibly gifted speaker and modest in describing his capabilities.

War and authorship

Alastair mentions that his books and articles were by far inspired by his life experience. His all-famous Always a little further book was for instance inspired by his love for mountaineering and hill climbing. His consecutive books and pieces of articles were inspired by his experience by the two roles, Infantryman and captain, he served during the second world war. Some of his more popular books include Sans Peur (1946) that serves as a recollection of his stories from his days at the battalion.

Doe Deere Worked Hard To Make Her Dreams Come True Despite The Hardships She Endured

Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia as Xenia Vorotova. She was obsessed over the English language and American culture due to movies, magazines and music. When she was seventeen, her family moved to the United States to find a better life. They came to New York City in 1998 when the population exceeded 7.4 million. The family quickly leaned they could not survive with their life savings and work ethics. Her mother worked as an accountant in Russia, but she needed her education records. The transfer was taking a long time. Doe Deere watched her neighbors cats and walked dogs while her mother cleaned apartments.

The family of three moved into a homeless shelter when they were down to their last $7.56. They spent six months in a tiny room with no kitchen and a single bed. They went to the church every week for pantry foods and free meals. This was when Doe Deer started dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. In 1999, they were introduced to a non-profit organization called Sanctuary for Families by a social worker. The organization assisted female immigrants who had fallen on hard times. Dorchen Leidholdt was the attorney who helped her mother get a job as an accountant and got Doe Deere into the Fashion Institute of Technology.

In 2000, they moved to the Lehman Projects in East Harlem. This was a dangerous area but they had their own kitchen and separate rooms. Doe Deere believes the hardships taught them to stick together and made them more resilient. Xenia Vorotova became Doe Deere towards the end of the 2000’s. She founded a cosmetic company called Lime Crime in 2008. The company was successful and inspired women to express themselves. Doe Deere still works hard to pursue the American Dream. She knows her life would not have been possible without the help her family received when they were vulnerable. She worked for a beautiful home, a successful business and her family.

Doe Deere understands many Americans began as immigrants. They left their home countries to pursue a better life. She believes these are some of the people who contribute to the greatness of America.


Louis Chenevert Retired as a Rich CEO

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert is a retired chairman and CEO of the United States’ United Technologies, a private defense company. The company makes airplanes and builds buildings too. Chenevert worked with the company for twenty-two years. Chenevert’s hard work ensured that United Technologies stayed in the United States. During his tenure, the company purchased Goodrich, the division which makes planes. United Technologies became the biggest investor in International Aero Engines.


Chenevert left United Technologies after a very successful career. He placed #101 on the Forbes list of CEO Compensations. He earned $15.33 million dollars for his total compensation and $75.78 million in a five-year compensation offer. Other reports state that Chenevert left United Technologies with $195 million in stocks, reimbursements, and a pension. In total, he is worth $430 million dollars, which placed him the fifth richest CEO in the United States, tying with John T. Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems.



Chenevert attended college in Montreal at the Hautes Etudes Commerciales. He was in the class of 1979 and earned a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in production management. In 2005, he earned a fellowship at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Chenevert also sits on philanthropic boards. He is a member of the roundtable at the Executive Committees of the Business Roundtable and chairs a few divisions for the roundtable. Chenevert is the chairman of the Yale Cancer Center and serves on the board of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. He also serves on the board of directors at Cargill.


Before United Technologies, Chenevert served as the President of Pratt & Whitney Company, Inc., which is part of United Technologies. He also served as a production manager at General Motors in Canada. Currently, he is an exclusive advisor of the merchant banking division of Goldman Sachs. He lives in Hartford, Connecticut and has a Twitter page.



Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere is an Inspiration

Beauty gurus know the name: Lime Crime. This cosmetics line is known not only for it’s vegan-friendly, cruelty-free formulas, but also for it’s vibrant, striking color palettes, and its fierce, determined founder, Doe Deere.


Doe Deere’s determination was instilled into her at a young age. Born Xenia Vorotova in Russia, she adopted the moniker “Doe Deere” in 2008 right before the launch of her company as a young entrepreneur. Becoming a business owner at the age of 27 wasn’t something that Deere was handed — it was something that she worked tirelessly for and never gave up on.


Deere’s story is one of fierce perseverance, strong work ethic, and the desire to succeed. She is an inspiration to people all over the world. She is an example that the American dream can become a reality.


Young Xenia Vorotova was only 17 when her mother announced that she would be moving Vorotova and her sister to America in hopes of starting a better life. Vorotova had spent countless hours reading American magazines and watching American television and movies. Moving to America was a scary, but exhilarating experience, one that Vorotova had dreamed of for years.


Upon their arrival in America, trouble struck. Vorotova’s mother had issues with her immigration paperwork which made finding a job nearly impossible in her field. As a result, she had to work odd jobs, such as house cleaning, in order to make ends meet for herself and her girls. Vorotova watched her mother work hard and she, too, knew that she had to work hard as well.


Despite her mother’s hard work, it was hard to make it in the Big Apple and Vorotova and her family ended up living in a homeless shelter. It wasn’t ideal by any means. The three petite women had to share a single bed in a tiny room. For food, they had to go to their local church. It was hard, but they were together. They never complained.


At the homeless shelter, a social worker put Vorotova’s mother in touch with a local non-profit. This non-profit, Sanctuary for Families, helped Vorotova’s family beyond measure. With the leader’s guidance, Vorotova was able to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and her sister was able to attend Columbia University. Shortly thereafter, they even had a place of their own.


By the time Vorotova turned 27 — ten years after they landed in America — she chose the name “Doe Deere for herself and launched her own business called Lime Crime.


Today, Lime Crime is a well-known beauty brand that is near and dear to many. Doe Deere has created a brand that not only helps individuals look and feel beautiful, but also inspires them to be unapologetically themselves and to never give up. Deere’s story is one that so many can look to and be inspired by.



How Has Vijay Eswaran Managed to Become One of the Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs in India?

Vijay Eswaran is an interesting man who has not only led a fascinating life but also many lives. Currently, he is an economist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of QI Group of Companies. He is well known for his business achievements including his dedication to various philosophies like servant leadership. Much of his success has been linked to his diversification of life work. He believes in doing good and at the same time helping other people achieve happiness in their lives.

Vijay Eswaran performs many roles such as being a global speaker, being a successful entrepreneur, global philanthropist, and author. QI Group of Companies is the most successful and exciting venture that he has accomplished. It is comprised of various verticals, education, and real estate investments. The major aim of the group is to promote network marketing and value-based leadership.

What are Vijay Eswaran’s pillars that can help you take control of your life and achieve your dreams?

  • Understanding how to manage relationships successfully
  • Making sure you are always happy
  • Creating a sense of urgency in your life
  • Ensuring that you are the real version of yourself
  • Staying in the real current of your life

What strategy has helped Vijay Eswaran grow his business?

Duplication is the primary strategy that has helped Vijay Eswaran grow his business. He believes that managers should learn how to fire themselves. Through delegation, managers are said to have replaced themselves which allows them to move on. The delegation strategy will enable you to perform other important things significant for the success of the organization.

There is more that you can learn from Vijay Eswaran, but the above information about him will help you to get started if you want to be an entrepreneur.

Deirdre Baggot: Her Most Difficult Decision and how it relates the Secret of her Success

A little Background on Deirdre Baggot

Let’s take a look why at why the name Deirdre Baggot is such a commonly heard one within circles of the medical billing community. Bundled payment options is the answer; it’s as simple as that! The process describes the medical billing practice of episodic billing. It is a type of billing that is heavily concentrated with the end results of services performed. It is for this reason that many people find it to be a fair solution. Deirdre has been involved with it from the beginning. She left corporate America to join her former CEO’s consulting company. What would they be consulting on? You might have guessed it, the implementation of bundled billing strategies. Recently, the business strategist confided a few important pieces of information during an interview. These two pieces of information really help identify her success as a businesswomen. Learn more on medicaldailytimes.com

The Most Difficult Decision of her life involved leaving Northwestern

On the surface, one could quickly guess that it would be leaving the large company world for the field of consulting. Actually, her toughest choice involved leaving one large University workplace for another! She was at Northwestern for quite sometime and had grew accustomed to her boss and really started to grow under the advice that she was given by her. The choice to leave for the University of Michigan to work was a very tough for her because of this.

So what’s this Big Secret behind her Success?

The previously discussed supervisor from Northwestern is the true answer to this question. Her name was Jean Pryzybylek. Deirdre Baggot tells us that this supervisor of hers was great with people. The important lesson that she learned from Jean, that she still employs as her secret weapon, is simply the ability to make really great relationships in business that last! We all know it; networking is the most important part of doing business. Not only networking but doing it the right way. It was at Northwestern that Deirdre learned this invaluable lesson. Perhaps this is why she struggled so much with her decision to have to finally leave there?

Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/deirdrebaggot