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Perry Mandera’s Business And Philanthropic Goals

Perry Mandera is the founder and the CEO of The Custom Companies, a company involved in logistics and transportation. He is also known as a war veteran and served the country by handling the logistics and transportation of supplies. When he came back to civilian life, Mandera decided to build his own company based on his experience in the war (Customcares).


The Custom Companies

During his service, Perry is the one in charge of his troops’ supplies and reinforcements, which exposed him to how logistics and transportation work. After serving in the military, Perry Mandera was the Republican Ward Committeeman for Chicago’s 26th ward for four years. Later on, he created The Custom Companies Inc. which services both small startups and big organizations. The company is based in Illinois but already has offices in California and other places in the country. It currently has more than 2,000 vehicles to serve its customers.


As of now, The Custom Companies serve 50 states with domestic freight, contract cartage, expedited shipping, truckload services, and more. Perry Mandera knows that there are different vehicles for different needs, which is why he uses a variety of vehicles. In addition, Mandera always makes sure that the requests of his clients are fulfilled as soon as possible. The company currently has ISO 9001:2008 certification which signifies excellence in its quality of work.

The Custom Companies currently uses three innovative technologies to make their services possible. Perry Mandera revealed that the company uses the Cheetah Dispatch technology to always update their shipping information. Warehouse Management System gives clients the ability to efficiently track their deliveries. Dock Management System is the one responsible for inventory by using bar codes for efficiency and accuracy.


Custom Cares Charities Inc.

Perry Mandera likes to serve people, especially those who are in need, so he launched the philanthropic arm of his company, which is the Custom Cares Charities Inc. The organization specifically helps children who are underprivileged, disadvantaged, or abused. It also helps people who are are suffering from debilitating illnesses. Custom Cares Charities works with 50 charities, including Toys for Tots, the American Cancer Society, and Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


More on Mandera´s philanthropic projects at https://gazetteday.com/2018/01/perry-mandera-perpetuates-spirit-giving/