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Richard Liu: Changing the Way Success is Measured

Behind the scenes of every successful person is hard work and discipline. Both of these concepts are the fundamental core of anyone looking to stand out in a career. A career by definition is a process. It involves continued education, reputation, and growing both personal and professional relationships. Needless to say, success can take time. So, showing mastery in one aspect of life, business or discipline is rare because it requires much effort. On even rarer occasions there is a person who shows mastery in multiple fields, that are otherwise unrelated. One such person is Richard Liu. Here is why.

The Foundation

Richard Liu was always exceptionally bright, especially as a child. He was born to a medically driven family in New Hampshire. His family taught him the importance that medical professionals played in community development. His mother was a respected dentist and his father was a leading specialist for all things ears, nose, and throat. From a very young age, his studies were a priority and he excelled scholastically. After mastering his early education he decided to follow the precedent his family set. He attended Harvard School of Dentistry. His Ivy League education taught him how to hone his craft. His mastery and success were immediate.

The Shift

With a booming career and an active mind, the urge for more became insatiable. Richard Liu became enthralled with investments, business development, and emerging technology. The interest was so strong that he had decided to go back to school. He graduated from MIT with a Master in Business Administration. He would later shift careers and work as an analyst for CRT Capital, later FTV Capital. The company focused itself on early start-ups and began to corner the market as early-venture capitalists. Their sights are focused on new technologies, artificial intelligence, and forward-thinking.

Richard Liu is among very few that have successfully transitioned careers. His work has impacted both the present in his community and is helping to shape the future.

For details: www.evergreendentalcarenh.com/