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Richard Liu Successful Career Change

An average person’s career involves exploring one particular field from which they accumulate vast experience and work hard to become successful in that line. In as much as young millennial professionals sometimes opt to change from one field to the other trying to get their best fit the idea of finding someone who is exceptionally successful in two distinct disciplines is a rare case. Succeeding in one profession leave alone two requires a lot of dedication, persistence, desire for knowledge, and self-betterment as well as being business savvy. So, when you see someone make it in two entirely different disciplines, it is truly exceptional.

Richard Liu is a true definition of a successful professional switch. He has been successful in both the medical and finance sectors. Having been born into a medically driven family, Richard Liu had first-hand exposure to things concerning medicine. As a result of how he was brought up, Liu knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He was smart and excelled in his early education then decided to join Harvard School of Dentistry, where he gathered the expertise that would propel his career to the next level.

Once he graduated, Richard Liu Joined Evergreen Dental Care to work on his craft. He continued serving in dentistry where he prospered tremendously building an excellent reputation. He even worked as a part-time lecturer at Harvard University preparing next-generation dentists.

Despite his career going on so well, Liu couldn’t help but develop a never-ending desire for capital investment and other finance-related issues. He felt the need to pursue something different, and since he made a career in dentistry thanks to the strong education background, he felt the need to go back to school and get equipped to transition in an entirely new role successfully. He enrolled in MIT and soon acquired his masters in business administration. That was the beginning of a new career that he would go on to achieve tremendous success.

Richard Liu was the Principal Enterprise Technology and Services having joined the organization back in 2014. He has investment responsibilities that he takes quite seriously.

Learn More: www.jd.hk/richard-liu-jd-ceo-about