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Rocketship Transforms the Lives of Student from Low-Income Families

Rocketship Schools are elementary public schools based in California. The school aims at helping young learners in achieving their limitless possibilities. Rocketship public schools clearly understand methods to nature children talents and unleash their potential. They harmoniously relate with the stakeholders in giving quality education and nurturing student to produce a generation that will fit in a competitive corporate world.

Rocketship Nature Talents

Rocketship Education network is dedicated and determined in bridging the gaps between the haves and haves not through uplifting the lives of the haves not. It is a life-changing for many rocketeers. The schools’ value integrity, transparency, and honesty. With the help of experienced teachers, they strive for excellence. The core pillars of the schools are talents development, parental power, and students learning.

Parents are fully engaged in their children academic life. Teachers are obligated to visit all the homes of the learners. It helps to create strong teacher- parents relationship. Each school is equipped with adequate facilities to enhance students learning. There is enough numbers of teachers and supporting staff. This is captured in details here.

Rocketship Education Offers Free Lunch

The schools support parents too. Statistics show that ninety percent of the students are provided with a free lunch program. Rocketship’s marketing and communication manager, Elise Hill noted that kids from low-income families deserve quality education system. It will help to increase the literacy level since seventy-five percent of the students admitted in their school speak English as their second language.

Rocketship Educated Open More Schools

Elise hill affirmed that opening school in the least developed neighborhood would automatically lead to a change. Economically disadvantaged areas will always be generating low-income tax revenue. For this reasons it affects the education systems due to fewer funds she noted. With a proper education system, it will help to shape the lives of kids from the economically depressed region.

Rocketship Education reviled their recent achievement in acquiring of 25000 square foot. This achievement will help to spearhead their mission in building classrooms for grade k. The acquisition of the property amounted $1.5 million. The success of the California non-profit organization grew tremendously since its inception in 2006. Currently, they operate within three states with sixteen schools. Most of the schools are located at Bay Area. Rocketship education aims to continue its expansion. They are planning to open more schools in the future.

Connect with Rocketship Schools on Twitter here https://twitter.com/rocketshiped?lang=en