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Russell Gimelstob, The Tennis Prodigy

From a young age, his parents always knew Russell Gimelstob would be a talented kid who would become immensely successful but they had no idea he would wind up becoming a tennis prodigy. Since he was six years old, he has always felt at home on the tennis court and that’s why, when he enrolled in Newark Academy, he ended up joining their tennis team. As a sophomore, he became the first one to ever be named captain and he made first team all-state all four years. In fact, his parents were so confident in his abilities that, over the summer, they would send him to Palos Verdes, California to train with Robert Lansdorp who is easily one of the greatest tennis coaches in the business. He has trained such A-listers as Maria Sharapova and Pete Sampras.


After a while, however, it was time to move on to college and so, after graduation, he ended up matriculating at Cornell where he was the star of the men’s varsity tennis team and quickly rose to the rank of academic all American. He also represented the university at the annual doubles tournament and won all of his matches during his sophomore year. In the final year of his college career, he was named team captain and received a variety of all-ivy awards. After finishing out his senior year, he decided to remain for one more year so he could earn a master’s degree in public administration. After receiving it in 2002, he went to work for Goldman Sachs.

After serving as one of their analysts for nearly three years, he was offered the position of associate by Dune Real Estate Group and decided to take it. Seven years later, his first promotion came to him in the form of a raise and he was made partner. In 2013, he returned to Newark Academy, his old high school, to receive their highest athletic honors in the hall of fame. Nowadays, he currently serves as a member of the investment committee for Dune and their head of acquisitions. He’s also their managing director.