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Sam Boraie’s Contribution in Property Development

Sam Boraie is the Vice President of Boraie Development; a leading real estate company that has developed several properties in New Brunswick City, New Jersey. The company was founded by his father Omar who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. According to PR News, Sam offers many services related to all areas of real estate market in the urban. His responsibilities in the company, which is also a family business, include Property Management, Real Estate Development, Sales, and Marketing. He leads a team that is committed to building remarkable properties while providing unique services to their clients. He also uses his leadership skills to sell the projects as well as promote the company’s assets through his extensive connections. Despite his role in the family company, Sam is a member of several Boards including Elijah’s Promise where he is the Advisor, New Jersey State Theater, and Board Member of Newark Boys and Girls Club.

Sam also participates in philanthropic activities including New Jersey State Theater; a local cultural event that that brings together several annual productions in New Brunswick and other parts of New Jersey. The Theater depends on donations, and most of it is from Sam, the development company and the Boraie family. Additionally, Sam works with Elijah’s Promise; an organization that aims at fighting against hunger, seeking the justice of the vulnerable citizens in Central New Jersey, and empowering their lives. It achieves these through the provision of food, education and job training. Furthermore, Sam and the Boraie Development Company are key contributors to the development of New Brunswick community where they are developing first-rate projects and donating to charitable causes in the area.

Boraie Development, LLC is committed to using their vision, capital, and reliability in all their projects. Their development track record that they have maintained for over 30 years has made the company one of the dependable developers in New Jersey. The firm uses established commercial banks as the primary sources of its funds which supplement its capital. Boraie Development creates projects that benefit tenants, financial partners and residents who boast of the company’s long-term commitment. They also maintain their properties in consideration to details and continuously improving their physical surroundings. The functions of the ownership management include administration, maintenance, marketing, leasing, accounting, and customer service. The sales and marketing department of the company has sold over $150 million in commercial and residential transactions. It works with the Property Management to understand the primary residential and business factors that determine the particulars for all their development activities.

Boraie Development markets acquisitions to meet the needs of the various urban centers and the areas they enter; a process that is aggravated by the growing economy. Their deals include master planning for redevelopment and core financial restructuring. Additionally, the types of properties they consider include residential, student housing, mixed use, retail, and hotel assets. Moreover, their Partnership looks for available real estate deals and projects across property and contract type. According to PRNewsWire, Boraie Development cooperates with experienced property managers and real estate developers that are involved in high-end projects in different communities in the entire country. You can also view the company profile on Bloomberg.

Visit his Crunchbase profile: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/sam-boraie#/entity

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