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Securus Technologies Tests Drone Detection Systems

Securus Technology recently tested drone detection systems using an active pilot program. This new technology is used to detect, stop threats, and violent outbreaks in the prisons.


Drone technology has been used in prisons to deliver illegal contrabands. These drone are used to deliver anything from drugs, weapons, to cell phones. This new technology detects drones, and stops them from reaching prisons. Securus has spent 18 months evaluating this new technology and testing it.


The company works with corrections officers to test the technology, and find ways to keep contraband’s from reaching prisons. They have fine turned the drone detection system to work quickly to detect activity, and prevent drones from entering the prison system.


Detection and prevention of drones in prisons protects corrections officers, and prisoners that might be exploited with contraband delivery. A spokesperson for Securus Technologies says that this is a new and emerging technology, and testing it will improve its functioning. Testing allows the company to learn the systems strengths and weaknesses.


The company has worked with a number of partners to engineer, and install drone detection pilot programs in correctional facilities. Drone incidents demonstrate that there are individuals that want to circumvent security at prisons to deliver illegal products. It is an important technology to keep people safe.


Securus Technologies believes its drone detection system is very effective in keeping drones from breaching correctional facilities. US World and News reported over a dozen attempts to transport illegal contrabands into prisons have been made in last five years.


Criminals recognize the potential of drones to commit crimes. That is because civil drones are less expensive and more available. They are easy to operate too.


Securus Technologies is located in Texas, and serves over 3,500 law enforcement agencies and correction facilities. They provide a wide range of services to these agencies. Some of these services are emergency response, incident management, investigation, monitoring services, and information management.