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Sergey Petrossov: Putting the Jet in JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Every now and then, an entrepreneur will come along and fill a niche. It will be advantageous, and well thought out. Yes, there will be a business need, and the creator will fill it. This is exactly what Sergey Petrossov has done! He has bridged a gap for business air travel that is amazing, efficient, easy-to-use, and a time saver!

Mr. Petrossov is the CEO of JetSmarter. It is an efficient way to fly, especially geared toward business people. Before JetSmarter, he held many creative and leadership positions in several sectors; one of them was space technology. Additionally, he served as an advisory-executive for a Florida private Gulf stream jet company. His dream was to modernize the whole experience of private jet charter bookings through mobile technology. He was successful!

He has been listed in Forbes magazine for recognizable technological achievement in a group of professionals under the age of 30. That is surely notable! Petrossov knew it was time to digitize the private jet aviation industry. It makes business travel a pleasure!

He has created other tech startups, and hopes to expand JetSmarter to an even greater amount of services for his clientele! It now has offices in London, Zurich, and Dubai! He hopes to add the availability of restaurants and a lodging type of housing for his international customers. He is ahead of his time! He makes business travel turn into an elegant club!

JetSmarter. also referred to as XO was set up in 2012 to fill a need. It brought together two facets: consumerism, and aviation. There are many business people looking for an efficient way to fly. It fulfilled a need to make private jet service more affordable, efficient, along with unmatchable service! The app takes you to a mobile booking service. It is virtually hassle-free and offers varied services. No need to keep scanning websites for private jets, and looking for hoppers that might no go to your flight destination. Those days are over! JetSmarter is now under the auspices of Vista Global Holding. The innovations that technology has brought to the booking process are extraordinary. Now, one can book a flight to any place, and at any time – at a moment in time! JetSmarter offers free Wi-Fi and concierge benefits. If you need a black-car vehicle, they will help you get one, right after you step off of the airport’s tarmac! Your every need is considered.