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Sergey Petrossov-Raising the Bar

SERGEY PETROSSOVMr. Sergey Petrossov is the creator and CEO of JetSmarter, a software application that help individuals reserve flights without the previous inconvenience that plagued the private jet travel industry.

Sergey Petrossov and his family moved to America in 1988. They lived in California, Colorado and settled in South Florida when Petrossov was entering his teenage years. He went to high school and later attended the University of Florida. While at the university, he and some of his colleagues built a chat service that helped websites with customer service applications. After graduating with a degree in finance, Sergey Petrossov co-founded a cloud-based e-learning program that helped students in Russia and parts of Europe to take courses remotely. The company is still functioning.

A Grand Plan

In 2009, the same year that Sergey Petrossov graduated from the University of Florida, he was invited on a flight with one of the pilots who worked for the private jet company. While riding, Petrossov became aware of an issue that people faced when attempting to book a personal ride on jets. They would have to call the aircraft business to go over their plans for the trip, wait for them to send a statement, which could take a couple of hours. After signing the invoice, the person would have to returnĀ it to the company via fax or scan. Sergey felt this process was archaic.

For eight months, in 2012, Sergey Petrossov and his group of tech workers worked on an app called JetSmarter. Sergey let his family and friends that flew test the software and they loved it! In March 2013, he released JetSmarter to the public. Now, people had digital information about flights and prices as close as the screen on their devices. They could book seats, share rides and even reserve a private jet with just the touch of their fingertips.


JetSmarter was so well-received by people who flew, that it was downloaded more than 300,000 times by the year 2014.