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Sharon Prince: President and Founder, Grace Farms Foundation

Grace Farms has emerged as the ultimate go-to location for people seeking to spend time in a peaceful and quiet environment away from disturbance. The cultural and community center utilizes the surroundings of an outdoor setting to foster understanding and education, appreciate nature, garner preservation, increase communication and inspire thought among those who visit the institution.

Grace Farms offers you the perfect opportunity to interact with people from diverse walks of life. You are guaranteed to find thought leaders, business executives and other influential personalities at the institutions every day of the week. Interaction with such people will broaden your understanding as well as perspective on various issues of life. Apart from that, you will also encounter thought-provoking art while at the same time get close to nature. Most importantly, you will enjoy all these amenities free of charge since Grace Farms is a public entity.

Meet Grace Farms Founder, Sharon Prince

The immense success that has been achieved by Grace Farms would have been elusive were it not for the concerted efforts of its founder, Sharon Prince. She founded the institution in 2009 to offer members of the public a serene environment where they could engage with others as they relish in beautiful art and the institution’s cultural diversity.

Sharon Prince founded Grace Farms with the public in mind. For instance, she envisioned that the environment would act as a meeting point for people from different backgrounds and professions. Grace Farms was to provide free services to people and would not be influenced by the desire to make profits. Indeed, since the foundation started, it has emerged as the perfect place for grace and peace for all.

Fighting for Worthy Causes

Sharon Prince has engaged in several charitable activities to champion for the rights of vulnerable members of the society. She has been passionate about lobbying against social ills such as violence against women, human trafficking and child exploitation on both the national and international scale.

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