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Sharon Prince’s Grace Farm Spearheads Restoration of Wildlife Habitats

Sharon Prince is the founder and the chief executive officer of Grace Farms. She formed the organization with a vision to helping restore nature’s beauty. Sharon Prince has been instrumental in the fighting for the rights of various groups such as women and children. She champions for the human rights and rights for children through the battle of human trafficking and child exploitation. Sharon believes that human beings should live a dignified life and thus she is committed to ensuring justice prevails. Her vision for Grace Farms has enabled people to understand the importance of environmental sustainability and conservation.

Grace Farms creates an enabling environment for wildlife to thrive. The workers at Grace Farm have spearheaded the restoration of wild parks through the creation of awareness to the masses. The Farm aims at educating the masses about the importance of conservation while also offering them an opportunity to explore nature’s beauty. The Farm also partners with other conservation groups to encourage people that change can be brought about by taking the first step in the restoration of wildlife habitats.

Grace Farms currently manages an eighty-acre parcel of land that hosts various species of wildlife. One of the most exciting species of wildlife found at the farm are the birds. Grace Farms is the home to over seventy-five species of birds. A visit to the institution will allow you to enjoy the guided bird watching walks by the experienced staff of the institution.

The Earth Day Celebrations

The organization holds the annual Earth Day Celebrations in the serene and beautiful landscapes of the Farm. The celebrations are held in line with the Farm’s nature initiative. The Earth Day Celebrations for this Year will be held on 27th April 2019. The Farm has invited everyone to participate in the annual activity to discuss critical conservation topics and engage in fun-filled family activities. The Nature Conservancy will partner with Grace Farms to mark the day.

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