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Stratford Shields Professional Outlook

Stratford Shields is an expert in municipal finance – the field that he has been working in for over 20 years. He is regarded by many as a leader in the industry. He did not start out in municipal finance, however, as his bachelor’s degree is in history. Stratford Shields also has a master’s in political science and a MBA. Shields has been involved in various forms of municipal finance, such as serving high positions on governing boards as well as working at Wall Street firms. He was the head of public finance at Morgan Stanley – a highly ranked Wall Street firm. Following this and currently, Stratford Shields works at Loop Capital Markets, a company that he created himself.

While working in a different job, Stratford Shields got his inspiration for Loop Capital Markets. Oddly enough, the inspiration came from the privatization of parking spots. The money from this privatization ended up contributing to cancer research. Essentially, Loop Capital Markets is a firm that helps oversea and integrate privatization processes for various industries and clients. Shields contributes his productivity and excitement about his growing company to variation. It is easier to be and stay excited about a client’s project if it is different than the project that preceded it. Doing the same project over and over again for different clients is sure to result in boredom and burnout.

Past success and experience, coupled with current success and momentum suggest a very obvious pattern for Stratford Shields. His track record in municipal finance as well as work with huge Wall Street firms alone is a career highlight. His creation of Loop Capital Markets, additionally, is a stroke of inspirational genius. These factors combined make it evident that Stratford Shields still has a lot of untapped potential for personal growth in the finance industry.