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Teach To One: A Personalized Curriculum

The best way to learn anything is to have it customized to meet your needs. If something capitalizes on your strengths, helps you improve upon your weaknesses, and implements your interests you are much more likely to do it and to be successful in it. It is always difficult to do these things, especially in a math classroom. While traditional math classrooms may try to do these things it is impossible because there are too many students, too few teachers, and too many different proficiency levels to try and incorporate into each lesson.

While traditional math classrooms cannot do these things to improve students learning the Teach To One program can. Just like it sounds, this program really does cater to its instruction to the needs of each one student.

To help ensure the academic success of each student Teach to One program uses a customized and personal curriculum that can meet the student where they are. Regardless of whether the student is behind grade level, on grade level, or above grade level, this program can meet the needs of each individual student. By using a personal curriculum teachers can work with students on standards that they are struggling with. To know more about Teach to One visit crunchbase.com

A personalized curriculum allows students to work at their own pace. They can spend a week on one standard that they understand easily, while standard may take them a month to become proficient at. Allowing students to work at their own pace ensures that they do not rush through standards just to get done. They can spend time learning each and every detail so that they can use their knowledge to learn more in the future.

This personalized curriculum can also change throughout the year. If a student shows great growth and proficiency the teachers may change their curriculum to make it a little more challenging on the student and vice versa. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all students to ensure that they are all successful with each and every math standard they are supposed to learn.