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Ted Bauman Reveals Insights into Apple

Ted Bauman was recently featured in a Gazette Day article titled “Ted Bauman Explains Why Apple Stock Is In Trouble.” The article indicates how a tech giant might be in trouble in the future. Ted Bauman reveals that Apple’s fourth quarter had higher numbers than experts expected; many investors are still concerned about the potential of the company’s future. Ted Bauman spent two decades in South Africa advising several government agencies before moving back to the United States. Consumers are expecting Apple to continue innovating instead of stagnating. However, the company has had slow growth since Steve Jobs passed away.

Apple might still be one of the most profitable companies in the investment world, but the devices that won it a major market share are beginning to fall. The iPhone is one of the largest products for the company, winning it a large market share in the U.K., the U.S., and Japan where it has more than 12 percent of the smartphone market. It also has more than 20% of the global smartphone market. However, a number of people are wondering how the company maintains its profitability even though their percentage of the market is beginning to drop. Bauman suggests that they are able to maintain high profitability because of their pricing power. They are also able to create a unique consumer experience because of the perks related to the brand.

Many people believe the brand is associated with quality. Steve Jobs ensured that millennials and children growing up with computers saw Apple as a promotion of quality as well as education. He also made it a priority to provide an incredible user experience. Apple has a net worth of more than $180 billion. Forbes also indicated that a large percent of the revenue for the company is created through pricing power. Ted Bauman says that the market share is dropping because the tech giant is not creating new products. Many companies are innovating, which is why they are able to maintain their place at the top of the pyramid. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are able to create a quality products that people buy because of brand recognition.

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