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The 21st Century Law Approach with Jeremy Goldstein

There is a saying that has been passed down across generations. It simply says “the more things change, the more they stay same”. It refers to the fact that while some small aspects might change overtime, the overlaying big picture is forever locked into place. In a modern sense it means that despite all the technology advancements and globalization moves, the qualities of what make a good lawyer and attorney will forever stay the same. Jeremy Goldstein brings a unique personality and a sense of charisma that clients would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Ideamensch recently published a piece discussing how this individual tackles the tough industry.


Jeremy Goldstein has never once wavered from a challenge. He presently stands atop his peers in terms offering new ideas. Industry leaders from all walks of life come seeking his legal opinion on a variety of issues. In addition, he sits among the collective group of individuals who decide long term decisions that affect how cases are handled. The 20 year journey to this point all began when an overly eager child found his place in the world. He attended Cornell University, University of Chicago, and New York University to obtain the trio of degrees needed for an attorney to make it big someday.


The only missing piece at this point in his journey was the experience to tackle any case he received. After completing college, he did low level work for a firm on the side. He just needed to stay relevant and keep his eyes opened for any chance to establish his footing. The chance of a lifetime he wanted came to be just a few years later. The business industry and greater economy underwent a period of transformation. History has shown that new ventures have the best chance to succeed during these types of periods. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates set up shop in New York, and he was now primed for whatever came his way.


Jeremy Goldstein built his brand around a pair of classic principles. He wanted clients to feel comfortable discussing their personal life. The business world requires a certain mindset, but under that persona is someone trying their best with a history. He believes knowing this side of clients better aids his ability to give precise advice. Similarly, Jeremy Goldstein cites his attentive listening skills and detailed approach as the other factor. When combined, he brings his clients a lawyer with a new style.


As businesses morph and evolve with the times, so too does the individuals representing them in a court of law. The rules of the game are always changing, which makes each case being a new set challenges to the table.


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