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The Basics of Creating A Great Organization

Creating a company that can last for at least one hundred years quite possibly will rely on one thing, creating something that people will need for that time frame. The next step in creating this company will mean that the company will be able to find some sort of area where it will fit and appeal to consumers or force themselves on consumers as is the case of internet providers (as seen in areas where there are only two options).

The company will have the know-how or the will to learn the know how to continue to follow the north star of finding value within the industry and obtaining what is needed to have a base of potential.

The main aspect of emerging companies will have to be the strength, the smartness, and the overall brains of the founders to have the knack to figuring things out and then, later on, one could be able to have a system whereas Warren Buffett says, “idiots could run”.

The hard work lies in the first stage, when the company is born, unless there is a significant portion of outside funding and patient capital that see founders with a great idea and will allow them to figure situations out, for the rest, they have to figure out a way to keep themselves going while setting up and progressing operations, it’s a tough life, but it is do-able with the right focus and energy.

The fact that this type of situation is possible is seen through the example of Gulf Coast Western. Gulf Coast Western is one entity that is managing venture oil and gas general partnerships. The firm has a simple strategy that they have subscribed to over the past few decades and the strategy has served them well. The fact that the company has lasted for several decades with one simple but profound strategy shows the value of the strategy and the people like Matthew Fleeger who lead the firm to greater heights.

To understand how to run a company, follow Matthew Fleeger and his lead at Gulf Coast Western.