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The Brown Agency Helping Talent Grow

In the world of acting and performance, you really need an agent to get yourself finding work and getting the connections you need in order to grow as a performer. For the Brown Agency, they are doing exactly that for local talent. The Heyman Talent-South was recently acquired by Wilhemina Austin and renamed it the Brown Agency. Wilhemina Austin was launched back in 2010 in Austin, and the overall Wilhelmina company has always been known for roistering only the most talented people in the business. Now that the two are coming together, you can be sure that this is going to be a company that can grow the most talented people.

The company is already in works with companies like Louis Vuitton, L’Orea, Toyota, Dell, and a bunch of others. Thousands of companies rely on The Brown Agency to get what they want in the world of top quality talent. The agency knows exactly what they are looking for and what they need in order to fine tune what the big companies want and need from actors. There are countless people and companies who miss out on the right talent, and this agency is going to bring them to the forefront.

How Do Get Actors Get Signed?

With the right training and preparation, they can get signed by signing up through their open casting calls that are held throughout the year. They can always take in more people through submissions. If you want to grow as an artist, you can easily succeed with the help of this team. The Brown Agency is here to help provide immense connections to guide people and get them ready for the future in the acting world. Getting signed is all about knowing how to present yourself and actually having some kind of training behind you to get yourself moving.

In a world where modeling and acting is all about the right look, this agency knows all about how to get the right person in front of the right casting directors. They have talented talent agents who are now more than willing to hone the crafts of their roster and their talent. If you are trying to get into this business, you know for sure this is the route to go. Their connections and how they handle their clientele is a place you want to be in order to grow in this specific industry of modeling and acting.

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