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The Gino Pozzo’s Football Family Business

Football is an activity that brings people of different backgrounds together. Despite uniting people, football is an investment opportunity for sole investors and corporations. Gino Pozzo is one of the prominent investors in football. He was born in Udine, Italy to parents who have a passion for football Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo. Through the influence of his mother Gino who related to the former president of Udinese Calcio football club, Pozzo maintained contact and steadfast loyalty to the team.

When Gino Pozzo was 18, he moved to united states. While in the US he attended Harvard University and graduated with a master’s degree. He married his beloved wife, Catalan and later relocated to Spain. He resided in Barcelona for two decades and later moved to London in 2013. What inspired him to move to London was to maintain direct contact with the operations of his newly acquired football club at vicarage road.

The Pozzo’s family is celebrated for its seeming dedication and passion for football. Prior to football, the family has also invested in the woodworking industry. Later the family decided to venture in electronics and currently owns an electric appliance business in Spain.

According to Gino Pozzo, the family’s main activity is football. That’s what the family enjoys doing. To achieve their goals in the football industry the family commits itself to invest in result-oriented clubs in Europe. The football spirit started with Gino Pozzo’s father. He bought the Udinese club due to his passion and commitment in helping their local club financially. Amazing, under Gianpaolo’s management, the team took only three seasons to rise from series B to Champions League.

To distribute their wealth in various football clubs, the Gino Pozzo’s family bought Watford in 2012. The club was highly indebted at the time of purchase. The club was also struggling to go back to English premier league. Gino relocated to London in an attempt to commit himself to the club operations.