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The success of Gustavo Martinez

Excellence is one word that can be used to describe the marketing Talent of Gustavo Martinez. Mr Martinez has spent the last 35 years to perfect his talent in the marketing and Consulting field.


Gustavo Martinez focuses his talents on his customers’ needs in order to maximize their full profit potential. Using his experience he is able to produce the best advertising commercials in the known media of the day.


Using his expertise that he gained from working at the company J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Gustavo Martinez has been able to implement a successful blend of talent and leadership as it’s CEO.


Being the president of Ogilvy & Mather as well as McCann Worldgroup, Gustavo Martinez used innovative and solid marketing strategies to insure advertising success to both companies.


Using his experience and skill in leadership and creativity, Gustavo Martinez has created the style and techniques needed to move companies forward through a marketing and advertising plan that is sure to produce a top-level performing enterprise.


UV Business Acceleration is Gustavo Martinez’s latest partnership, as he works to help the start-up stream-line their analytics, business insight, and technical solutions.


Gustavo Martinez’s consulting style is to provide expert enterprise level services to marketing and advertising for start-ups, while cultivating their operational and strategic outlook.


You have to learn how to be creative, and then use that creativity in a constantly changing and adaptive environment (otherwise known as adapting or adaptability).


Per Gustavo Martinez, at a marketing firm (or a successful one anyway), using marketing and advertising is more of an applied science, it is not based on any set methods or techniques, but more on a thinking out of the box way of thinking.


Like his competitors, Gustavo Martinez is always on the lookout for the next top talent coming out of the universities today and using that talent to build and create the most innovative advertising strategies to be used by a start-up business.


With an entrepreneurial spirit, and hard-working attitude, Gustavo Martinez uses his creativity to direct and lead companies and start-ups to that award-winning success needed to move forward into the future of modern business and marketing.


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