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The transformation of OSI Industries over the years

OSI Industries is a food production company based in Illinois. It is among the oldest food production companies in the country. It was established in 1912 by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. The business started a meat shop but later turned into a regional meat supplier before going global. Otto brought his two sons and renamed the meat business, Otto & Sons. His sons were left in charge when he left. In 1975, they brought Sheldon Lavin as a managing partner after he helped them to get the necessary financing needed to expand the company locally and internationally. OSI Industries is reaching out to millions of people around the way with their superior products. The company has managed to maintain a loyal customer base for the period they have been doing this business.

OSI today has a presence almost in every continent. They are expanding rapidly around the world, and now they own food production facilities in 17 countries. OSI Industries has implemented various measures that are supposed to see the company expand its operations in Europe. They have acquired other businesses while at the same time expanding the existing production facilities. All these measures are meant to take this company around the world, offering the best quality products to the people. Products from this company are developed by highly experienced product development managers who understand the standards that consumers expect from the food companies.

It is the ability to produce quality and health nutritious foods that have enabled this company to have the upper hand in this business. OSI Industries is doing way much better than ever before under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. He has been with this company for the past four decades. He joined in 1975 and has remained with the company even as others left. He has received support from COO David McDonald who as well believes on the mission that OSI industries have. It is the ideas from these two leaders that have enabled OSI to perform beyond the expectations of many people. According to Sheldon Lavin expects this business to continue performing better even in coming years since he is laying a foundation that will allow future leaders to concentrate on the most important aspects of building this business,