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The Unmatched Career of Peter Briger in Entrepreneurship

It takes one to be innovative and determined to appear in the list of Forbes World’s Billionaire list involving the top 350 wealthiest individuals globally. Besides, the people that appear in this list are consistent for a long time in their operations. Peter Briger is one of the people that have appeared in the Forbes list sitting at number 317 in the 2108 list valued at $ 1.5 billion. The investor is among the Principals of Fortress Investment Group sitting as the co-Chairman. During his tenure at Fortress, Peter Briger has led the company to become one of the top rated investment managers since 2002. His management expertise in the company helps him oversee assets valued at more than $65 billion, helping its clients achieve their financial goals.

Briger works with Wes Edens and Randal Nardone to ensure that every client receives professional advice on their investments. Peter played a vital role in ensuring that the acquisition process involving Fortress Investment Bank and Soft Bank Group went as planned. His success in the management of FIG comes through the expertise he gained from Goldman Sachs. Additionally, the business skills Peter Briger gained from Princeton University don’t disappoint him. Pennsylvania University’s Wharton School of Business also honed his business skills tremendously. Briger supports Princeton University’s business ideas. He is one of the institution’s alumni planning to contribute $100,000 toward the initiative.

The idea is among many others that make him prosper in the competitive business industry. Besides making headlines in Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger is a Board member of Tipping Point. The organization assists needy families in San Francisco. As a champion for better education, Briger sits at the Caliber school’s board. The Charter group of school’s primary objective is to mentor the students on how to make their four-year term in college successful. Peter Briger supports different philanthropic activities, including assisting in the preservation of New York’s Central Park through his generous contribution of more than $600 million towards its support. His support for arts, health, Youth affairs, and education is admirable. Briger connects with the community through Devon and Peter Foundation to ensure their lives change positively.