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Why Consumers Are Increasingly Turning To Alternative Payment Providers Such As Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is one of the world’s top providers of merchant services and online payment processing. Their services are used in 196 nations. They have a fast and secure mobile app that is easy to use while being flexible enough to make payments to physical retailers, online commerce companies, or sending money to friends and family (USmoney2020).

They are based in London and were founded in 2002. Allied Wallet’s Chief Executive officer Andy Khawaja is the person who founded this company. Over the years they have processed more than one billion dollars worth of financial transactions. Their products include an eWallet app, prepaid cards, a worldwide payment gateway, and a mobile point of sale (POS) service. Their software uses SHA-256 encryption and it is compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 guidelines.

Allied Wallet is known for being a very innovative company, such as using advanced artificial intelligence. Their company culture is based on positivity and freedom. This company has been positively written about in several prominent publications such as Wired, The Technology Headlines, Fortune Magazine, and The Guardian. Allied Wallet is also recognized for its philanthropy, giving money to many nonprofits such as The ASACP, The Wounded Warrior Project, and After-School All-Stars.

One of the biggest recent moves at Allied partnered with China’s WeChat Pay. WeChat is an online message service with over one billion active users. About 900 million of these users also use WeChat Pay. In China, few transactions are conducted using cash anymore. Of the mobile payment companies in China, WeChat Pay is by far the largest. Their nearest competitor, with about 500 million active users, is Alibaba.

By aligning itself with WeChat Pay, users of Allied Wallet can easily move online funds from one account to the other. By doing so, people can use their Allied  account to pay for things whether that is online or in a brick-and-mortar retail store. CEO Andy Khawaja says that how people pay for things today is evolving and that many consumers are clearly saying that using a credit card is no longer their number one preference.


Available news on Allied Wallet´s online payment services at https://www.facebook.com/alliedwallet/