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Alexis Kennedy Share His Biggest Challenge As An Indie Game Developer

Alexis Kennedy is an entrepreneur in the video game industry. He co-founded an independent studio in London, England, with Lottie Bevan in 2016. This is Weather Factory. They released their first game, Cultist Simulator, in 2018 and it garnered critical acclaim for its story and writing. The PC version can be downloaded on Steam, The Humble Store, GOG, and itch.io. The mobile version is available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

They used a Kickstarter campaign to fund Cultist Simulator. Alexis Kennedy said they raised £82,000 ($104,283) for this card-based simulation game. Their goal was £30,000 ($38,152) so the Kickstarter campaign was deemed a great success.

His last company was Failbetter Games, another independent studio he established. His video games at this company include Sunless Sea, Dragon Age Joplin, Fallen London, Stellaris Horizon Signal, Machine Cares!, Dragon Age: The Last Court, Night Circus, StoryNexus, Black Crown, and more. Alexander Kennedy is a sought-after speaker who has appeared at universities and conferences around the world. He speaks about narrative design and interactive writing.

He got his start as an independent game designer after working as a software consultant. He was on a six-month unpaid sabbatical from his job so he could change jobs. His first child was on the way and he saw his opportunity of getting out of the consulting business as closing. He didn’t make any money for a year but it worked out for him. He recommends that people don’t take this chance as he did.

Alexis Kennedy says his biggest challenge as an indie is getting attention from consumers. Both getting it and keeping attention is very hard work. His company makes weird distinctive games so it’s hard to break down what they are in just one sentence. Weather Factory has been able to create a following, though, which has made things easier.