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Barbara Stokes Is Passionate About Her Work And Building Homes

Barbara Stokes attended Mercer University, where she studied biomedical engineering and physics. She also learned about technical communication, manufacturing, and other things that would be important to her career. Read this article at alivenewspaper.com

She is the CEO of the Green Structure Homes in Alabama and works with Habitat for Humanity to give back to those who need a home.

Barbara Stokes cares about others and is always looking for ways to give back and ways to help the homeless popular go down. Barbara Stokes has built several homes with the help of Habitat for Humanity in 2018 and is still working toward big goals with it. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

She is especially passionate about helping her city of Huntsville, Alabama. When Barbara Stokes is not working or doing philanthropic work, she is busy being a mother to her three children.

Visit: https://gazetteday.com/2018/03/green-structure-homes-brings-relief-families-struggling-disaster/