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Catch The New Wave Of Air Travel With Sergey Petrossov


In his short 31 years, Sergey Petrossov has accomplished more than most people have done in their entire lives. His drive and perseverance have paid off big time in the private jet industry. His company continues to be one of the only app-centric, private jet companies in the world.

By today’s standards, the idea seems extremely simple. We Uber to everywhere: school, work, play – why not use the technology of Uber in the private jet industry?

That is exactly what Sergey Petrossov has done. If you are a JetSmarter member you can actually go onto your phone, pull up your JetSmarter app, and book private jet travel all over the world.

Many don’t have the vision and tech expertise of this brilliant young man. Instead of complaining, Sergey Petrossov did something about it! He took his first commercial flight on a private jet at the urging of a friend. He was astounded that the industry used analog management systems as opposed to digital management. He thought that innovation would improve his experience and the experience of others. Though he was running a text start up that he had begun, he always knew he’d have a hand in the private jet industry.

Houston, There Is Another Problem 

He also learned that the antiquated system lent itself to underutilization of hours. These massive luxury jets were being under used by almost 85 to 80%. He wanted to tap into the underutilized flight hours while making private jet travel available to the masses.


He targeted two types of folks:  The first customer was the private jet flyer who was very familiar with the process and wanted to get more bang for their buck. The other customer, was the first-class commercial jet traveler who wanted to try a new luxurious experience. He felt that his product would be so outstanding that he would gather millions of members. He is on his way. Both types of customers relish the JetSmarter experience.