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Gustavo Martinez : Marketing and Advertising genius – putting creativity into action

As one of the world’s most well known and highly respected names in marketing and advertising, Gustavo Martinez has influenced and revolutionized pop culture time and again with many of his ad campaigns over the past 35 years.


Gustavo Martinez is now putting his 35 years of success and experience towards harnessing his entrepreneurial skills in his work as an expert consultant in marketing and advertising. This allows him the creative freedom to be hands-on in his projects and serve his clients in a personal manner. Martinez believes that caring about people and listening to what they have to say is the key to being productive in this industry. Everyone has valuable skills and personal views and Martinez excels at implementing these in every project.


Career History

Gustavo Martinez has worked for some of the world’s greatest marketing firms throughout his distinguished career. Martinez served some of the most elite clients at Henkel and Price Waterhouse where he honed his creativity and proved invaluable to the company. At Olgilvy and Mather, Martinez was a leader in the company holding the position of President. Likewise, he also held the position of President at McCann World Group. He even held the prestigious position of Chief Executive Officer at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.


Creativity in Action

Working in the advertising and marketing world is unlike any other form of business in the way that it requires you to blend artistic creativity and free-flowing thought with the rigid structures of business and punctuality. Martinez has thrived in both of these aspects and is happy to share his knowledge with others who may want to follow in his footsteps. Martinez recommends the use of a digital planner to stay on track with daily and weekly tasks and suggests reading “Think and Grow Rich” for any business owner who wants to take their success to the next level.


He has even aided companies in recruiting creative talent, guiding the entire process. Martinez knows that the most successful workers in this industry need to retain their sense of independence in order to promote and stimulate creativity, and people who fall into this category are often not suited to the typical business structure environment.


Marketing for Start-ups

With a failure rate of 90 percent for start-ups worldwide, Martinez is putting his marketing skills to work for new companies, emphasizing that the right advertising is equally as important as the actual products being sold. Analytics and technology such as Massive Data Heights are some of the modern strategies that Martinez in conjunction with UV Business Acceleration are implementing in their efforts to improve the success rate of their start-up clients. Trial and error in regards to honing in on the correct audience can be risky and difficult for new companies. With the additional challenge of increasing competition, trying to advertise without professional help can be daunting. Martinez helps improve the outcomes of a new company’s marketing efforts from day one.


Charity matters

Unlike the businesses that Martinez creates marketing campaigns for, he believes that charity should never be used to make a company look good or as a personal status symbol. Martinez says that charity for advertising purposes is not charity. Donating to charity needs to be for the right reasons, it needs to be from the heart.


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