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How It Means to Become Successful for Luke Lazarus

Since he started a career as a serial entrepreneur, Luke Lazarus defined success as becoming wealthy and earning millions of dollars from his business deals. However, his definition of success changed when he reached his goal – he realized that success is not always equal to more money, but it is a measure on how happy you are with what you are doing and how confident you are with your skills.

He no longer earns millions of dollars because he no longer feels happy earning such amount. Instead, he is focusing his time helping other businesses succeed. He is now a business consultant based in Melbourne, Australia, and he shared how happy he is with his new career path. Luke Lazarus started as a serial entrepreneur when he was only 24 years old.

He established four startups after he graduated from the Melbourne Business School, and managed it successfully until he was able to sell it and earn a huge profit from the transaction.

After selling his businesses, he would establish a new one, and this cycle continues on and on until he was able to secure his wealth and become financially independent nine years later.

However, as he earned more money, he realized that it no longer makes him happy. He decided to quit being a serial entrepreneur and focused on becoming a business consultant instead. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

After he witnessed the success of his first clients, Luke Lazarus felt genuine happiness and decided that becoming a consultant would be his lifetime career because this is where he is needed the most.

As a business consultant, Luke Lazarus is following six basic principles and explaining it to his clients so that they can understand how their business should operate.

The six basic principles are all about the creation of business plans, presenting the business plans to the investors, performing market research, creating market plans, studying the financial projection, and introducing operational improvements.

Luke Lazarus said that following these principles would increase the chances of success in managing the business. He is encouraging his clients to follow these principles, and it would make them successful in the shortest time possible.

Today, Luke Lazarus is living a comfortable life and he pointed out that stress levels as a business consultant are lower compared to his previous career. He also shared that he had to wake up early every day to meditate, and it helps him condition his mind to create new ideas that would allow him to gain more clients.

Many entrepreneurs have already partnered with Luke Lazarus, and they are saying that the advice that he provides really helped them transform their business for the better. Because of the positive results of his services to his clients, more people are now coming to him for help.

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