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Isabel Dos Santos: Improving Africa

Isabel Dos Santos holds the top prestige of being one of the youngest black billionaires in the world at 45 and the richest woman in Africa. Of the 2,043 individuals who can claim billionaire status, only 11 are black. From Angola, Isabel Dos Santos has truly made a name for herself as a standout in the business world.


As one of the youngest black female billionaires, she has made a name for herself by attaining such success on one of the poorest continents. She has attributed this success to being able to work much harder and smarter, which is why she is one of two black females on the billionaires list along with Oprah. Her ability to overcome obstacles and compete on a global level is what makes her a role model (Instagram). 


Dos Santos diligently has worked as head of Unitel. This telecommunications company has worked hard to improve the telecommunications infrastructure of the continent. This company has created about 50,000 jobs in the country. Isabel dos Santos has not only worked for one business, but she has worked for a variety of businesses. She has worked for education, entertainment, and real estate. 


Her success has come from different reasons. She was raised in different countries. Being raised in different countries, she was able to see the world from a global perspective. She studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London, which paved the way for her career in technology. Isabel dos Santos spoke before British Parliament to improve the development of the country. She continues to fight for her country and improve the development of her country. She hopes to build the infrastructure of her country and help the development of jobs. She has improved cell access to both rural and urban areas of the country. Through her work, she hopes to build up her country. 

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