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It Really Is All About Location At LocationSmart!

 LocationSmart, the worldwide leader in Cloud location services, is now expanding their services into Canada broadening their reach to serve their customers on International scale more efficiently.

While already having customers in Canada LocationSmart tends to stabilize their connections and change the way companies do business. Offering Global site ID services for over 200 countries and being able to locate with over a billion Wi-Fi services, it’s safe to say that LocationSmart may be one of the location service super powers.

LocationSmart officer services for a wide range of devices from cell phones, tablets, landlines, computers, and more. Cell phone Services also include SMS messaging partners with over 60 Nationwide carriers. LocationSmart SMS campaign allows for businesses to send geo-targeted communications that is sure to drive results from customers who take action. In regards to the computer benefit of LocationSmart, they provide a comprehensive IP Geolocation service.

The IP Geolocation service lends a helping hand to businesses by assisting them with compliance transaction verification, identity, and fraud detection. Yet another great endeavor LocationSmart is making to meet customers at every end and every step of the way. This is a platform is indeed intended to keep businesses at their highest potential.


Almost acting as an asset protection agency LocationSmart keeps you in touch with your assets like never before. With good local and hyperlocal location services, you have constant omniscient access to the location of your asset at all times. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Facebook

The service is so extensive it can give you real-time tracking of your assets located deep within a warehouse storage. This means never losing or being out of connection with your commodities again. Best of all, these service extend to a worldwide level so making it much easier for those looking to extend their partnerships or relationships.


When it comes to expansion of a company one thing is guaranteed, you need to hire more employees to delegate the task of your daily operations. Keeping you in close touch with the employees allows you to communicate real-time changes within the job. Also, this service enforces compliance within the company ensuring employees are where they are scheduled to be and allowing employers to track devices, ensuring proper use of them.

With that being said, LocationSmart is anticipation a smooth and successful transition into its Canadian demographic. The international skies are looking bright for the future!

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