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Jimmy John Liautaud Remains True To His Vision

A vision can help ground someone. When people see things as they are, they also see things as they might be in a better way.

Keeping to one’s own true self is a necessary ideal in anything people do. Someone who has continued to hew to his own idea and march to his own beat is Jimmy John Liautaud. Jimmy John Liautaud started a simple sandwich shop.

The shop has done incredibly well. Today, there are many sandwich shops with the name Jimmy John’s all over the United States. The entire empire is one that he created.

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It yields an incredible income each year that allows him ready cash. While this empire is one that has enabled him to live fully, in many senses it has not changed him one bit. He’s still the same idealistic nineteen year old he was when he first began with a shop in 1983.

Part of the Company

Even as he sought out help from Roark Capital to run the many shops, he’s continued to work closely with the company. Today, he’s the person who takes charge of both food and culture for the shop that bears part of his name.

This allows him to continue to make sure that all aspects of it are in alignment with his idea of what makes a wonderful sandwich. It lets him to keep a close eye on how the sandwiches are presented to the public as well as what kind of ingredients go into the making of them.

Speaking His Mind

Speaking his mind has long been part of the process he brings when it comes to deciding where to go in life. He has learned from the very first that he needed to take charge of the business in order to make it work.

When he was creating his first shop, he made it a point to personally deliver sandwiches directly to his customers. As the business grew, he also found it was imperative to examine it closely and see where innovations and improvements could be made to his business venture.

His Current Role

His current role in the running of more than two thousand shops is one that takes him near and far. It’s also one that allows him to be part of the process while still retaining the freedom to have a say when he feels something needs to be pointed out.

He’s very much willing to speak out as needed. For example, on Wednesdays he’s typically at the kitchen where they think about the kind of sandwiches to offer customers.

He samples many different possible offerings and thinks how it will impact the client. He might find that the bread is too caloric or the chips in the chocolate chip cookies offered to the public are simply not right.

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It’s a vision that allows him to say so the capital management officials at Roark Capital. He and they work hard to serve their many happy clients.

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