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Jin Oh

Jin Oh and Riot Games have been sued by two former female employees who allege that the company discriminates against female employees.

One, Melanie McCracken, started at Riot Games in 2013. Once her supervisor left, Melanie states she took on additional roles at the company. McCracken states she was never paid for these extra duties and when the job of supervisor was filled, only men were considered. Learn more about Jin Oh at onmogul.com.


The other complainant, Jessica Logan, complained that women were only hired for support roles in the company. There was also a sexually explicit environment that allowed many female employees to be harassed on a daily basis. She alleges that 80% of the workforce is male, and all management is male.

View: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jin-oh


In addition, a report by Kotaku confirmed the “bro” culture at the company. Since this report came out, the company has apologized to its employees and gamers, stating that it will do better in the future. The company hired diversity expert Framces Frei to lead this effort at Riot Games and is promoting its Diversity and Inclusion Initiative throughout the company.