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Maartin de Jeu: Providing you strategies to build a corporate business

Maartin de Jeu is an experienced international strategy advisor who has helped people developed their corporate businesses. He has worked for people in the United States and Europe. Maartin de Jeu has completed his studies from Netherland and the United Kingdom. He did his master’s in the degree of social science with major’s in Public Administration from Leiden University in 2001. After that, he continued his studies at the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. He completed his Executive Master’s degree from Oxford University scoring amazing greats and earned the degree of finance. 

Maartin in the early years gained experience in international corporate strategy at TVDK Management Consultants. TVDK is a company based in Amsterdam which provides international strategies to companies. He gained his basic experience in the company and worked there for 8 years from 1999 to 2007. He then went on to work for a company based in London, Aviva plc. In this company, he implemented the working knowledge he had learned from his previous company and developed several initiatives and strategies which helped the company grow in Europe and Asia. In 2008, due to his remarkable performance and his intelligence he was re-recruited as Director of Strategy and corporate development in Aviva’s North America division in Chicago, Illinois where he is currently working. With his promotion, Maartin de Jeu got a lot of work on his shoulders and now he is responsible for business portfolio reviews, strategic planning, assessment of new business opportunities and M&A support. Maartin has throughout his career on Aviva, been successful in leading the company’s idea and strategy efforts to grow the life insurance sales in the United States. He has improved his skills in the languages of English, Dutch, German and French. This has helped him grow in his career as he has to communicate with a lot of people in his daily routine. Maartin has understood that language helps you communicate and communication is one of the keys to success. With proper communication, a person can make people understand the mission of his company and hence increase the number of clients. Learn more: https://about.me/maartendejeu

Maartin has also the founder and partner of SVM Business Advisory. He has also helped the people educate about the technology and the history behind it. One of these projects included the Science Spins. In the project of Science Spins, he held a program at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in which he educated the people about the history of the bicycle. Maartin has been leading a successful business because he has been devoted to its success and has implemented his ideas and skills to grow his business.

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