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The North Face And Steve Lesnard Introduce Revolutionary Waterproof Clothing

While getting wet while running isn’t fun, wearing waterproof clothing while doing so is even worse. You stay dry but feel like you’re boiling in a sauna. Professional athletes dislike this clothing even more than amateur athletes do. The North Face and Steve Lesnard have provided the first real solution to this problem. For the past several years, The North Face research & development market has been working on a new waterproof fabric. The goal was to create one that keeps moisture out while also being breathable, keeping a person comfortable no matter how hard they are exerting themselves. This fabric is called FUTURELIGHT.

Vice President of Marketing Steve Lesnard created a marketing campaign to introduce it to consumers. He puts this fabric and the outerwear made from it front and center in the campaign. He is taking a multi-level approach that answers the question of how this fabric fits into people’s lives. After soliciting feedback from consumers, he learned that people want to spend more time outdoors. The problem is they don’t know how to do so. To address this, he created a collection of resources people can use to become educated about being outdoors.

This includes everything from where to go to how you pitch a tent. To craft The North Face marketing campaign, he started with a big idea and then applied it to the platforms that most resonate with people who want to be outdoors. All of the platforms deliver the same single message to consumers. He came up with the slogan, “Defy the past, wear the future” for Futurelight, which is communicated on all of the platforms. Steve Lesnard has over 20 years of experience as a sports industry executive. Prior to joining The North Face, he was an executive at a $5.3 billion company.