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With Individuals Like Jeremy Goldstein Giving Their Dedicated Support, Fountain House Is Able To Continue In Its Mission

Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is a law firm of great distinction that operates out of New York City. The firm is the creation of attorney Jeremy Goldstein and he continues to operate as a Senior Partner. The firm’s creation was a response to Jeremy recognizing the need within the corporate world for a law firm that was specialized in a way that it could properly represent the interests of elite corporate clients such as CEOs. Over the years of operation, the Jeremy Goldstein led organization has played a role in providing legal representation within some of the biggest corporate proceedings.


The educational background that Jeremy Goldstein possesses is impressive and has helped to set him up for his work in becoming a lawyer of great distinction in the United States. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Cornell and a Master of Arts degree at Chicago, Jeremy went to undertake his law studies at New York University’s law school. It was from that prestigious institution that he attained his J.D. degree.


Though the main claim to fame for Jeremy Goldstein is his work as a lawyer, his charitable work is something that is just as important to him and it is an aspect of his professional life that serves as a major point of pride. Concerning this charitable work, his support of a mental health support organization known as Fountain House is one of the activities that he is most active in. The Fountain House organization traces its history back to 1948. In the seventy years that have passed since that founding year, Fountain House has worked to provide valuable support services to the individuals and families that are affected by the impact imposed by mental illness. The New York-based organization goes to great lengths to help those suffering from mental illness to live normal lives. To be able to provide this support to those suffering from mental health issues, Fountain House relies on the work and support of generous individuals. Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has been one of the most devoted supporters of the organization. Over the years, he has provided the charity with a tremendous amount of support by way of the charitable fundraisers that he has led. Recent years have seen these Fountain House support events come in the form of a gourmet wine dinner that he has hosted in New York City.


This past May 2019, Jeremy Goldstein hosted his most recent wine dinner fundraising effort for Fountain House. The host location for this distinguished event was New York’s famed Nomad Hotel and the dinner took place on its roof deck. This gourmet dinner came at a hefty price of $5 thousand per plate but the donors knew that they were providing support to a worthy cause. They also received a fabulous meal in return for their generosity. This wine dinner seems to have become quite a tradition for Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House. The funding raised will go a long way toward helping the organization to continue to fulfill its goals of helping those in need.



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